Linear GD00Z-7

Z-Wave Plus Garage Door Opener

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The Linear GD00Z-7 provides smart control for a connected garage door motor. It uses Z-Wave Plus technology, and it is compatible with the S2 Security Protocol. An included tilt sensor lets the hub know whether the garage door is opened or closed. Buy the Linear GD00Z-7 from Alarm Grid.
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The Linear GD00Z-7 is a Z-Wave Plus garage door opener that provides smart control for the connected garage door. The unit is physically wired to a garage door motor, and it receives open and close commands wirelessly from a compatible Z-Wave hub. It can also be included in smart scenes.

For best results, the Linear GD00Z-7 unit should be paired with the Z-Wave network while it is in close proximity to the Z-Wave hub. This will help to ensure successful pairing with the Z-Wave network. Once the device is paired, you can then install the module in its final location, which is usually nearby the garage door motor. The Linear GD00Z-7 will wire directly to the garage door motor at the designated terminals. There is a set of fixed connection wires attached to the main unit for this purpose. The GD00Z-7 will require its own power outlet for regular operation. A plug-in power supply comes included.

Included with the Linear GD00Z-7 is a wireless tilt sensor that communicates with the main unit using wireless Z-Wave Plus signals. This tilt sensor is installed on the top of the garage door, and it lets the main unit know whether the garage door is opened or closed. For power, the tilt sensor relies on a single lithium CR2032 coin battery (included). You will need to replace this battery every couple of years as part of general maintenance. Listed battery life for the sensor is 24 months.

The biggest advantage of adding the Linear GD00Z-7 is that it will let you use an automation platform like to control your garage door and check whether it is currently opened or closed. This can provide peace of mind for users who may not be sure whether or not they closed their garage doors before leaving for the day. If you find that your garage door was left open by mistake, then you can conveniently close it remotely. Most automation platforms will also allow you to create smart scenes so that a connected garage door can open and close automatically based on a set schedule or with predetermined system events. For example, you might have your garage door close automatically when your security system is armed.

New to the Linear GD00Z-7 from older models is the ability to pair using the S2 security protocol. This is only available for Z-Wave controllers that support S2 pairing. The unit will simply use standard S0 security when paired with a hub that does not support this feature. Although the Linear GD00Z-7 works with most Z-Wave controllers, it is not compatible with the Honeywell Lyric Controller or the Honeywell L5100-ZWAVE Module that is used with the Honeywell LYNX Touch Panels. Those aforementioned Honeywell Systems should instead use the Honeywell GDCK Garage Door Controller Kit.


  • Product Type: Z-Wave Plus Garage Door Opener
  • Power Supply Input: 120VAC, 0.35A
  • Power Supply Output: 12VDC, 1A
  • Dimensions: 9.4"L x 7.2"W x 4.3"D
  • Operating Temperature: -4°F to 122°F
  • Included Accessories: GD00Z-7 Unit, Wireless Tilt Sensor, Power Supply w/ Fixed Cable, Mounting Hardware, Optional Adjustable Mounting Bracket, CR2032 Coin Battery for Tilt Sensor, Installation Manual

Brand: Linear

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