Honeywell GDCK

Garage Door Controller Kit

5822t for gdck
  • 5822t for gdck
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The Honeywell GDCK is a wireless garage door controller kit designed to offer control and status for overhead garage doors. There are two...
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The Honeywell GDCK is a wireless garage door controller kit designed to offer control and status for overhead garage doors. There are two components to this kit. The Honeywell 5877 wireless relay and the Honeywell 5822T wireless tilt sensor. The 5877 comes in its own smaller kit along with a Z-Wave siren strobe combo. That kit is known as the 5877GDPK. The GDCK will include all three items: 5822T, 5877 and SSA-1 siren/strobe. This Honeywell garage door kit interfaces with the Lyric Controller and Lynx Touch series (L5100 revision 6, L5200, L5210 and L7000).

This kit is everything you will need to control and view live status of your garage overhead doors. You will need one of these kits per garage motor. The 5822T tilt sensor uses the vertical or horizontal positioning of the overhead door to determine whether it is open or closed. Mounting the sensor on the upper inside portion of the door will eliminate the possibility of the door partially opening without notify the alarm panel. There are specified garage door zones that vary on each panel. We recommend programming your 5822T to these zones so they properly link to the garage door relay.

The 5877 relay requires a local hardwired connection to the back of the garage motor. This connection should be wired in parallel along with the wall button wiring. There is an included transformer that can connect to the second outlet of your ceiling mounted AC receptacle near the motor. After the relay is powered up and connected to the motor it will pair to the Honeywell alarm panel under "garage door setup" in the Automation section. Each relay will be linked to a tilt sensor.

Note: The 5877 does not work with any Liftmaster MyQ garage door motors. They will require a proprietary internet module that does not integrate with Total Connect. Also, this relay is not supported by the Lyric Gateway nor the Tuxedo Touch or VAM.


Kit Includes

Wireless Relay Module with Z-Wave Siren
List Price: $100.00
Our Price: $89.99
Wireless Garage Tilt Sensor
List Price: $62.00
Our Price: $40.99
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Yep, happy customer for a few years now. Good information, thanks!
Hi Joe, Yes, if you have sensor open/closed events on your service. Are you currently monitored with us? If so, we can set that up for you once you have this sensor installed. If not, we do have monitoring plans here:
Does this setup allow Total Connect 2.0 to alert me if my garage door is open when I drive away?
You will need to have your monitoring provider enable TC automation for you. It is a separate section for Z-Wave lights, locks, thermostats and the 5877 garage door relay... We include with our silver and gold plans. If you are interested in switching service over to us you can sign up here at your convenience:
How do you control a garage door from total connect thru the 5877 relay
Yes, the 5877 relay module that actually controls the garage door from the Lyric is an RF module, it is not Z-Wave. If you wanted 3rd party Z-Wave control of your garage door, you could add the Linear GD00Z-4 ( ) to the door as well as that's a true Z-Wave garage door controller. That unit doesn't work with the Lyric as the Lyric has special garage door control logic that only works with the 5877 but if you had both units, you could control the garage door from the Lyric and your 3rd party Z-Wave controller.
Is the siren the only component of this kit that is zwave enabled? I want to be able to control the garage door from a 3rd party zwave controller in addition to the lyric panel garage function.
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