DSC 3G8055AT - AT&T Communicator for Impassa

Old 3G Unit
Submitted on 12/30/2020 Alarm Grid

The DSC 3G8055AT is a defunct AT&T 3G Communicator for a DSC Impassa Security System, Apart from the DSC Impassa being a relatively outdated security system that you should consider replacing if you own one, the DSC 3G8055AT is a 3G communicator, and it can no longer be activated for monitoring service. Additionally, any 3G8055AT unit that is currently activated will stop working once AT&T shuts down their 3G network. That is why there is a big scramble for users to upgrade to the LTE communicators, as those modules will be supported for a very long time. But we can't really recommend the DSC 3G8055AT, as it is an outdated communicator for an older security system. We only give the product a 3-Star rating.

There are some positive aspects for the DSC 3G8055AT. As a cellular communicator ir provides reliable connectivity, which is very important for trustworthy alarm monitoring service. And when active, it can connect with the platform so that you can control your system remotely. This is assuming that access to is included in your monitoring plan. But there are also some major downsides for the DSC 3G8055AT. As we mentioned earlier, the communicator cannot be activated for monitoring service due to the AT&T 3G Sunset. And once the network is shut down, the communicator will stop working entirely. There is also the consideration that the communicator must be installed inside the panel. But really, you wouldn't bother doing this anymore, as the communicator can no longer be activated. Another downside is that this communicator is cellular only, and it does not offer internet connectivity. While the DSC 3G8055AT was once a good communicator option, that is no longer the case. We give it a 3-Star rating.

Good: Reliable Connectivity,

Bad: Cannot Be Activated, Will Stop Working w/ Network Shutdown, Requires Installation, No IP Connectivity

Bottom Line: 3 Stars

Honeywell LTE-L3A - AT&T LTE Cellular Communicator for L3000

Great Communicator for L3000
Submitted on 12/29/2020 Alarm Grid

The Honeywell LTE-L3A is an AT&T LTE Communicator for a Honeywell L3000 LYNX Plus Alarm Panel. The communicator is installed inside the L3000 and then activated for alarm monitoring service. You need a monitoring plan that includes cellular service to activate this communicator. An example of a compatible plan is an Alarm Grid Gold or Platinum Level Plan. Once the communicator is activated, you will be able to start using your L3000 System with Total Connect 2.0 for remote connectivity through your phone or a web browser, provided that access to TC2 is included with your monitoring plan. This communicator is a great way to extend the life of your L3000 and keep it monitored for many years to come. We give the LTE-L3A a perfect 5-Star rating.

There are many things we like about the Honeywell LTE-L3A. First, this is an LTE communicator, meaning that it will be kept in-service for a very long time. It offers fast and reliable connectivity with the Resideo AlarmNet Servers, which is necessary for alarm monitoring service. We also love how this communicator supports the use of Total Connect 2.0, as L3000 users will certainly want to take advantage of that great platform for controlling their systems remotely. But there are some downsides with the LTE-L3A. Since the L3000 cannot support Z-Wave, most automation functionality will still be impossible after upgrading to this communicator. Also, the Honeywell LTE-L3A will need to be installed inside the panel. This will require opening up the panel and powering it down completely. You will likely need a screwdriver to complete the process. It isn't too difficult, but it still requires some effort. But these downsides are really minor, and we are still able to give the LTE-L3A a 5-Star rating, as upgrading to LTE is important.

Good: LTE Communicator, Total Connect 2.0

Bad: L3000 Doesn't Support Z-Wave, Communicator Must Be Installed

Bottom Line: 5 Stars ADC-VC725 - Outdoor 720P POE Mini Bullet Camera with Night Vision

Discontinued ADC Camera
Submitted on 12/29/2020 Alarm Grid

The ADC-VC725 is a mini bullet camera for commercial use. It can record footage at up to 720p in quality. This is a somewhat older camera, and it has since been discontinued in favor of newer models. But the camera offers some cool features, including the ability to be used outdoors, and it can even utilize Power Over Ethernet (PoE) for easy wiring setup. PoE means that you only need to connect one wire for both network and power, rather than having power and internet connectivity set up separately. If you come across a used model of the ADC-VC725, then it should still work fine. But with newer and better models available, we don't really recommend going out of your way to get it. We give the ADC-VC725 a 4-Star rating.

There are positive aspects regarding the ADC-VC725. For one, it has an IP66 weatherproof rating, and it can be used safely outdoors. We like how the camera has an IR night vision rating of up to 95, as the camera can really perform well in a darker environment. And PoE support is a big plus, as it makes it easier to set up the camera. You also have the option of using a standalone transformer that you would need to purchase separately. But there are also some downsides for the camera. For one, it is discontinued, and you are unlikely to find it new anywhere. The fact that this camera is only 720p is somewhat of a downside, as there are plenty of newer cameras that feature 1080p recording capabilities and advanced features like High Dynamic Range, which is absent on this camera. But these downsides aside, we are still able to give the ADC-VC725 a score of 4 Stars, because it is still a pretty decent model.

Good: Use Outdoors, PoE, 95 Feet IR Night Vision

Bad: Discontinued, 720p, Lacks Advanced Features

Bottom Line: 4 Stars

DSC HS2128NK - PowerSeries Neo Alarm Control Panel, 128 Zones

Very Powerful System
Submitted on 12/29/2020 Alarm Grid

The DSC HS2128NK is a 128-zone DSC PowerSeries NEO System that comes with the main board and a metal enclosure for securing the system. It also includes a plug-in transformer for providing power. This is a very robust hardwired security system that can certainly get the job done if you are looking to hardwire a very large home or office, with the ultimate goal of setting up effective alarm monitoring service. This panel is honestly overkill for most practical situations, but if you need to build around a wired system with 128 zones and support for many powerful features, then it is an excellent starting point. We give the DSC HS2128NK a 5-star rating, but we only recommend it for the biggest installations.

There are many things to like about the DSC HS2128NK. Its support for up to 128 zones in nothing to scoff at. We like how it includes an enclosure for housing the otherwise vulnerable circuit board. Dual-path communicator options are readily available for the system. And you have the option of adding a PowerG Transceiver so that you can begin adding wireless PowerG Sensors. These are some of the best sensors in the industry thanks to their impressive wireless range and state-of-the-art 128-bit AES encryption.

The biggest downfall regarding the DSC HS2128NK is that you are literally starting from scratch. You will need to supply everything from your own alarm wiring to keypads for controlling the system. You might also need wired zone expanders for adding wired sensors beyond the eight (8) on-board terminals. But once you get it going, you can really build a powerful system. You might also consider the fact that DSC is a bit of a complex system to work with, so this might not be the friendliest system if you do not know what you are doing. But still, we have to give this system a 5-star rating thanks to its powerful features and capabilities.

Good: 128 Zones, Dual-Path Options Available, PowerG Transceiver Can Be Added

Bad: Start from Scratch, Complex System

Bottom Line: 5 Stars

DSC WS4965 - Tri-Zone Wireless Door/Window Contact

Good for 433 MHz Systems
Submitted on 12/29/2020 Alarm Grid

The DSC WS4965 is a wireless 433 MHz sensor that operates as a contact sensor with a reed switch, a tilt sensor, or a wireless transmitter. The sensor comes included with a magnet, and it has a built-in reed switch so that you can easily use it as a traditional door and window contact. The sensor can also respond based on tilting, which makes it ideal for monitoring a garage door that opens overhead. You can also connect up to two (2) NC wired contact sensors to the WS4965 so that it operates as a wireless transmitter. This is an incredibly versatile sensor with some great features, so we give it a 5-Star rating.

The biggest thing to like about the DSC WS4965 is its excellent versatility. You can use the sensor for three (3) different functions.These functions include monitoring a door or window as a contact sensor, monitoring a garage door as a tilt sensor, or helping a hardwired contact sensor communicate with a wireless 433 MHz system by serving as a wireless transmitter. The DSC WS4965 also supports some nice features, such as tamper detection, and it has an LED light to assist with troubleshooting when needed.

There are some minor downsides to consider with the DSC WS4965. First, it can only be used with 433 MHz systems. If your system does not support the 433 MHz frequency, then it will not support this sensor. Second, since the DSC WS4965 is a wireless sensor, it needs a battery to communicate. You will need to replace the lithium CR123A battery every few years as part of regular maintenance. Third the sensor is a bit on the bulky side, measuring in at 2.9375"L x 1.6875"W x 1'D. But these downsides are fairly minor, and they do not stop us from giving the DSC WS4965 a 5-Star score.

Good: Very Versatile w/ 3 Functions, Tamper Detection, LED Light

Bad: 433 MHz Systems Only, Requires Battery Replacements, Bulky Sensor

Bottom Line: 5 Stars

Honeywell MPS95WG - 3/8” Diameter Recessed Contact with Leads

Great Recessed Door/Window Sensor
Submitted on 10/19/2020 Alarm Grid

The Honeywell MPS95WG is a recessed door and window contact that has wire leads instead of screw terminals. The sensor is virtually unnoticeable once installed, and it measures just 0.85" long and 0.375" in diameter. It comes bundled with a metal magnet that is not encased or coated in plastic. For normal operation, the sensor should be installed in the stationary door or window frame, and the magnet should be installed in the moving portion of the door or window. While the Honeywell MPS95WG still works pretty well as a door and window sensor, it has been discontinued, and you are unlikely to find a new model. There is also the consideration that the sensor must be installed and requires drilling holes. But we like the Honeywell MPS95WG enough that we can still give it a 5-Star rating.

There are many positive aspects for the Honeywell MPS95WG. Some users prefer leads instead of terminals, so this is a good option for installers who want that option. The sensor is recessed, and it cannot be seen on the outside of a door or window. That's a major benefit for users who are going for an aesthetically pleasing installation. The sensor has a really nice build quality, and its compact size minimizes the sizes of the holes that must be drilled.

The downsides of the Honeywell MPS95WG do not affect its score. The sensor is discontinued, so you probably won't find it new. A used model should still work fine though. Needing to drill holes is somewhat of an inconvenience, and many users go with surface-mount sensors for that reason. And since this is a wired sensor, you must run a wire from the panel to the sensor. But these downsides are minor, and we can still give the Honeywell MPS95WG a perfect 5-Star score.

Good: Wire Leads, Not Visible from Outside, Good Build Quality, Compact Size

Bad: Discontinued, Must Drill Holes, Requires Running Wires

Bottom Line: 5 Stars

Yale YRD210 - Z-Wave Push Button Deadbolt Lock

Older Model
Submitted on 10/19/2020 Alarm Grid

The Yale YRD210 is a discontinued Z-Wave door lock with a numeric push-button keypad for code entry. Yale has always made great door locks, and the YRD210 is no exception. However, it's important to understand that this is an older model, and it won't offer quite the same features and capabilities as newer models. We must also admit that the design for the door lock hasn't held up perfectly, and it certainly looks the part of an "older" smart home device. This isn't a bad lock by any means, but it's probably not the one you will want to seek out if you are getting into home automation. We give the Yale YRD210 a 4-Star rating.

There are definitely some positive aspects about the Yale YRD210. For one, it is a fairly universal Z-Wave device, and it can be used with virtually any Z-Wave controller or hub, including newer models. The lock is Grade 2 Certified ANSI and BHMA, so you can count on it to provide strong protection. The keys on the YRD210 are back-lit, so you should have no trouble using the device to unlock your door at night. The lock can be easily included with smart scenes for automatic operation. This can really make your life more convenient.

The downsides for the Yale YRD210 are nothing too major, but they do knock down our rating. This is one of the earliest Z-Wave locks, and it just doesn't have as "fresh" of a design as newer models. Since this is only a classic Z-Wave door lock, it won't offer the same extended wireless range and improved battery life that you will find on a newer Z-Wave Plus door lock with a compatible controller. Most Z-Wave Plus controllers will still support the YRD210, but it just won't be as robust as a newer Z-Wave Plus device. Like any door lock, the YRD210 must be installed, which will require some time. The fact that the YRD210 is discontinued is also a drawback .With these downsides in mind, we give the Yale YRD210 a 4-Star rating.

Good: Universal Z-Wave devices, Grade 2 Certified, Backlit Keys, Include w/ Scenes

Bad: Dated Look, Classic Z-Wave, Requires Installation, Discontinued

Bottom Line: 4 Stars

WBOX 0E-STSTSIREN - Dual Tone 30W Siren, SS Box

Very Powerful Siren
Submitted on 10/02/2020 Alarm Grid

The WBOX 0E-STSTSIREN is an industrial siren housed inside a stainless steel box. This is one of the most powerful sirens offered by Alarm Grid, as it is capable of producing sounds up to 120dB. This makes the siren suitable for applications where the loudest possible sounds are needed. It is typically used in industrial locations, and it certainly has the power to be used in a commercial setting as well. However, the siren has a very large current draw, and the industrial look may turn away some users. But overall, this siren is a very good product, and we give it a 5-Star rating.

There are many things we like about the WBOX 0E-STSTSIREN. For one, the siren is extremely powerful, as it can produce sounds of up to 120dB. The siren is dual-tone, and it can produce a steady tone or a warble tone depending on how it is wired. The stainless steel enclosure is very tough, and it provides excellent protection for the siren inside. We also like the hinged door on the enclosure, which allows the user to easily access the siren if needed. Lastly, the siren has a great build quality, and you can expect it to work well for a very long period of time.

There are not many downsides for the WBOX 0E-STSTSIREN. Arguably the biggest downside for the device is that it has a very large current draw. The device will draw up to 965mA of power, so an external power supply is almost always needed. While the stainless steel enclosure is very tough, some users might be put off by the design. It really looks like an industrial siren, and users in a commercial, retail, or residential setting might find it to be a bit cold. But these downsides are minor, and we can still give the product a 5-Star rating.

Good: Sounds Up to 120dB, Dual-Tone, Tough Enclosure, Hinged Door

Bad: 965mA Current Draw, Industrial Design Might Turn-Off Some

Bottom Line: 5 Stars

2GIG WO15EMZ5-1 - Z-Wave Plus In-wall AC Outlet

Good Z-Wave Plus Outlet
Submitted on 10/02/2020 Alarm Grid

The 2GIG WO15EMZ5-1 is a Z-Wave Plus in-wall outlet receptacle. To install this device, you cut power at the breaker, remove the existing outlet, and install the 2GIG WO15-EMZ5-1 in its place. You can then restore power at the breaker and enroll the 2GIG WO15EMZ5-1 with your Z-Wave automation network. The bottom outlet on the unit can be toggled ON/OFF using Z-Wave technology, while the top outlet is merely a pass-through outlet that provides continuous power. Hot, neutral, and ground wires are required as part of set up. We think the 2GIG WO15EMZ5-1 is a very useful product, and we give it a 5-Star rating.

There are many things to like about the 2GIG WO15EMZ5-1. For one, this module is Z-Wave Plus, meaning that will provide superior range over a classic Z-Wave device when used with a Z-Wave Plus controller. Its load limit of 120VAC, 15A @ 60Hz is very generous, and you should have no trouble powering most devices. As a Z-Wave device, you can easily integrate the 2GIG WO15EMZ5-1 with a compatible automation platform like Total Connect 2.0 or and smart home assistants like Amazon Alexa or Google Home. The pass-through outlet at the top adds a nice touch, and it makes the device a bit more versatile. The device features an LED light for troubleshooting, and it has a convenient button for pairing with the Z-Wave network.

There are not many downsides for the 2GIG WO15EMZ5-1. The biggest concern is that the device needs to be installed in-place of the existing outlet. This is required for any Z-Wave outlet, so really that's to be expected. You must access the circuit breaker as part of the installation, which may be a minor inconvenience. But again, that's pretty standard. Really, these downsides are trivial, and there is virtually no reason not to give the 2GIG WO15EMZ5-1 a 5-Star score.

Good: Z-Wave Plus, Generous Load Limit, Integrate w/ Automation Platforms and Voice Assistants, Pass-Through Outlet, LED Light, Easy to Pair w/ Network

Bad: Must be Installed, Must Access Circuit Breaker

Bottom Line: 5 Stars

SkyBell DBCAM-WMK - Wedge Mount Kit for Round Video Doorbell

Great Accessory
Submitted on 10/02/2020 Alarm Grid

The SkyBell DBCAM-WMK is a wedge mount kit accessory that repositions the viewing angle of a round SkyBell Video Doorbell Camera. It is for the round SkyBell Cameras only. These include the SkyBell DBCAM for the SkyBell App and Total Connect 2.0, as well as the SkyBell ADC-VDB101 and ADC-VDB102 for use with The SkyBell DBCAM-WMK cannot be used with the slimline SkyBell models, those being the SkyBell DBCAM-TRIM and the SkyBell ADC-VDB105 and ADC-VDB106. The SkyBell DBCAM-WMK Wedge Mount Kit goes between the SkyBell Video Doorbell and the wall, and it tilts the camera upward. While this isn't the flashiest or most innovative accessory out there, the wedge mount can come in handy if you want your SkyBell Camera to capture activity at an upward angle. We give the SkyBell DBCAM-WMK a 5-Star rating.

There are some key things to like about the SkyBell DBCAM-WMK. For one, it adjusts the viewing angle of a round SkyBell Camera as advertised. This can be very helpful if the doorbell camera is mounted rather low, which many doorbell cameras are. Remember that doorbell cameras typically replace existing doorbells. And since doorbells are usually mounted at about shoulder height, a doorbell camera replacement may have a difficult time capturing a person's face. We have also found that the SkyBell DBCAM-WMK keeps the camera nice and secure, and the camera shouldn't shake or rattle when being used. Lastly, we like the fact that the SkyBell DBCAM-WMK has a good build-quality, and it doesn't feel cheap or flimsy.

There are not many downsides for the SkyBell DBCAM-WMK. It is for round SkyBell devices only, which does limit how it can be used. Also, it needs to be installed, which is a minor inconvenience. But these downsides are relatively minor, and they do not stop us from rating the SkyBell DBCAM-WMK as a 5-Star product.

Good: Adjusts Viewing Angle, Keeps Camera Secure, Good Build Quality

Bad: For Round SkyBell Only, Must be Installed

Bottom Line: 5 Stars