Honeywell L7000PK-LTE-A

AT&T LTE Cellular Security System with 7-inch screen

Honeywell l7000pk 4g cellular only monitoring for wireless secur

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This system comes with 1 L7000 wireless security system, 3 5811 window/door sensors, 1 5800PIR-RES motion sensor, 1 5834-4 key fob, and the Honeywell 3GL communicator which would allow the system to be monitored over the cellular network. For those doing a DIY installation, the LT-Cable will make installation much easier.
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Regarded as the most secure pathway, this kit includes Honeywell’s most advanced panel and a cellular communicator that uses AT&T’s reliable network to ensure that your system is not easily able to be circumvented. For those interested in a state-of-the art security system using 3G, this is the perfect kit for you.


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