Security Cameras Compatible with LYNX Touch Security Systems

Security Cameras Compatible with LYNX Touch Security Systems

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Note: In this video, Joe mentions the IPCAM-PT2 is a Pan/Tilt/Zoom camera. These features often go together in video equipment, however, the IPCAM-PT offers ...


hi DIYs Joey from alarm grid and today we're going to talk about which cameras are compatible with a lynx touch security system now today we have an all 7000 set up and I have two IP cams on the network that it will work with we have the PT 2 and we have the WL now these are legacy IP cameras and these are currently the only two that we offer on our website the rest of them have been discontinued or at least we list them as discontinued you will be able to find them if you search the internet but if you are in the market for new or for IP cameras it's probably better to go with the new models we're going to go over that in a second but let me show you the older IP cams to begin with so right here we have the IP cam WL this is one of the legacy IP cameras it has a 640 by 480 picture resolution which isn't that great it is kind of dated at this time a camera can only work directly with a Lynx security system by connecting it to it over its Wi-Fi or it can work with a total Kinect 2.0 account you will need monitoring for that and you'll have to send the IP or the MAC address of the camera to your security company so that they can punch it in to your total Kinect 2.0 account now we also have the IP km PT this is a pan tilt and zoom camera you are able to control it from Total Connect 2.0 or from the panel itself it also has a 640 by 480 maximum resolution which isn't that great it's gonna look a little grainy nowadays and it won't have that kind of high def feel to it but it is a fully functional camera you can set up positional set points on it so that you could have the camera lens point this way for one way you can have it look up this way for another way which makes it so that you can just log into your app hit 1 2 3 or 4 cuz you could have 4 preset points and you can have the camera just zoom around and look a whole bunch of different stuff it also has a light on it a little le that you can turn on or off you can take pictures with it too through the app and it is it is a good functional pan tilt zoom camera but again as it's one of the older IP cams it's not really recommended to use as you have some newer high-definition options now if we look at our system I had to just unplug the IP k mwl so that's not gonna be on the network you will be able to see the IP cameras from the system as long as they're on the same Wi-Fi network this is only going to work with the legacy IP cameras - so this is only gonna work with the WL or the PT - the ones that I just saw if you do have some of the other legacy IP cameras they will also be able to be seen on the system display so you'll notice on the main screen it says video so if we click video as I've already searched for and connect it to the cameras with the system this is the first menu that you're going to see do you want to see your camera list you click the little camera button down here and these are the two cameras that are on the network currently it's our PT 2 and our IP cam WL if you click the Scan button this will search the network for other IP cameras so if you added new ones on to your Wi-Fi network you'll want to click that and then you'll see them pop up we want to view a camera all you have to do is click the camera itself to highlight it turn it green and then click the back button this is going to connect to the camera from the system and as you can see as this is our pan tilt and zoom camera we have all of our different controls right here and we have the real-time display right on the screen I pick it up you'll see that the resolution as I said before it doesn't have that high-def look to it it is a little grainy but it's fully functional and it will definitely let you see if there an intruder is if he's in the house these little controls right here these turn the camera and have it move around I'm gonna try to hold it up here so you can see what that looks like so as you can see you can make the camera and if I hit one of these preset points it can make it move a great deal it also has a full 180 spin we click that again it'll go all the way around and then it also has that little LED light right on the front of it so it's pretty cool little camera you'll also have these controls through Total Connect 2.0 if you do have it monitored or if you do have your system remotely monitored with the video option another thing with the IP cams is that if you do have it connected through or if you do have a total Kinect 2.0 account and you have them linked up to it you'll have seven day cloud storage so any motion Clips that the cameras pick up they'll record it and they'll send it right up into Total Connect for you to get the cameras can be viewed live through Total Connect also and you can also download those recorded clips right from the app now the new cameras that are out those are called the Honeywell c1 the c2 and the OC one those are high definition cameras and they're not currently compatible with any Honeywell alarm system directly what I mean by that is you're not going to be able to view them through the panel screen like you are with the older IP cameras we do hope that in the future they unlock the ability for the lyric to be able to view the new cameras through the panel screen we have heard rumblings of that we don't have a timetable on one that firmware is going to be released yet though so if you do have an older system or even a newer system and you are looking for cameras the new high definition cameras they can connect to Total Connect and they also have 30-day cloud storage as opposed to the older IP cams with gentlemen have that 7-day cloud storage the new cameras also have a free app that you can use to watch live video right out of the box and the free app allows you to save recorded clips for 24 hours another nice benefit to the new IP cams is that you can plug in an SD card right into the camera and what that does is if the camera loses Wi-Fi connection it'll continue to record clips save it to the SD card and then as soon as it gets its Wi-Fi connection back it sends them all up into the cloud and lets you download them so even without a Wi-Fi connection or a network connection it's still going to record and it's still going to get you those clips which is a great feature right here I don't have this one plugged in right now but this is the most basic or this is the lowest level of the new IP cams this is called the IP cam c1 it's a 720p high-definition camera it has a two-way audio and some other cool features on it such as noise recognition it can pick up whether an object is a fan or an actual alarm some other cool features such as that and it's also fully compatible with Total Connect 2.0 but again this camera and any of the new cameras they're not going to be able to be viewed on the system like the older IP cameras if you are in a situation where you have to be able to see the cameras through your links panel or through your lyric panel you will need to use the older IP cameras at this time next we're going to show you what the two new cameras look like we actually have them installed at the office so we're going to take a walk and show you what they look like in action so are up here in the corner and we have our c2 that's mounted as you can see you can wall mount this camera and the the mounting base allows you to manipulate it so that you can pretty much point it in whatever direction you need it to be so we just flush mounted it right on the wall we've run power back to its transformer and as you can see it's connected by this little micro USB plug it'll get all of its power right from that after you get it powered up it connects via Wi-Fi to your network and you're good to go so I'm gonna pop it off its base to replug it in but as you can see the camera it's got a nice clean look to it this camera actually has two-way audio so not only can you hear what it's hearing but you can talk through it to anybody that's in the room it also has recognition and like to see what it has those cool features where it'll be able to pick up if a fan is spinning or if a door is opening so I definitely recommend going online and checking out all the different things that this camera can offer if you are gonna get an indoor camera the c2 is recommended over the c1 because it's a 1080p version as opposed to the 720p and it's not that much more expensive that's the c2 next we're gonna take a look at the OC one so we're at the front of the building I'm up on a ladder and this is one of the OC one cameras that we have installed we've extended the power back to its transformer and we have it coming down through the wall and we've also put an outdoor rated plastic box this is holding all of its connections and it's keeping everything nice and secure and in fact around the box around the hole that it's coming through the wall through we take it some silicone just to make sure that it's fully waterproof the front of the box has a gasket in it so no water is getting in and then we've drilled the camera right on to the top of it to give it that nice look as you can see the OC one does have rugged construction it's made of high a heavy duty metal its outdoor rated so it's not going to get affected by the elements and the top of it has this shield that you can move to adjust so that it doesn't get completely washed out in the daytime if the sun's facing it it's a great great working camera this is the one to use if you're looking for an outdoor camera and it's far superior to the older IP cam that's rated for outdoors again as is a new version camera it's going to have that 30 day cloud recording it has all of the other triggers as far as motion and visual that the the c1 and the seats you have and it's a great camera to use thanks for watching if you did enjoy the video feel free to subscribe if you want to be notified when we post future videos hit the notification button and you'll get an update when we do so if you have any questions about security systems or cameras that work with them head over to the website WWL armed grid comm you can also give us a call eight eight eight eight one eight seven seven two eight or send us an e-mail to support at alarm grid comm thanks for watching and have a great day