Honeywell SiXCT

Wireless Door/Window Contact for Lyric Controller

Honeywell sixct wireless door slash window contact for lyric con
  • Honeywell sixct wireless door slash window contact for lyric con
  • Honeywell sixct inside wireless door slash window contact for ly

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The SiXCT is a military-grade encrypted door/window sensor for the Lyric Controller. Its two-way communication makes this a reliable, obvious option for anyone wanting to add new sensors to their Honeywell Lyric system. Order this contact today!
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The Honeywell SIXCT is the first fully encrypted, bi-directional wireless door/window contact. Designed for the release of the Lyric Controller, the SiX series sensors communicate using 2.4GHz WIFI signal and offer 128-bit AES encryption for increased protection against RF jamming and hacking. Traditionally the 5800 series sensors were limited to 200 nominal feet for maximum RF range. The SIXCT offers up to 300 feet of wireless range back to the Lyric, and in some cases, even more!

Similar to the 5816, the SIXCT offers two functions. There is a built-in reed switch for wireless protection and a pair of screw terminals inside the device designed to integrate a wired contact. You can setup two separate zones or choose just one. The most common application is the fully wireless option. The reed switch inside the sensor uses the included magnet to protect a single door or window wirelessly. There is a maximum spacing gap of one inch between magnet and reed switch. This means when the door/window is closed the magnet must be within this distance. You can also hard wire a Normally Closed (NC) contact to the SIXCT. This can offer the ability to integrate overhead garage door contacts, steel door contacts and more.

Traditionally these functions were mapped to loop numbers (i.e. loop 2 on the 5816 used the reed switch and magnet), but now they are labeled by function on the Lyric. Instead of loop designations it is now called "service." The wireless function should be mapped to "Reed Switch." The wired contact should be programmed to "Terminal Block." If these functions are set improperly the zone will not work properly and result in all sorts of issues. First troubleshooting step with faulty zones is this setting.

The SIXCT is powered by a 3VDC CR123 battery (one included) and optimized to last five years on a single battery with typical use. The supervision on this sensor includes tamper alerts, low battery and even RF signal strength. The SIX series line is the first to offer up to date battery levels and RF signal at the alarm panel and Alarmnet for your alarm company. The SIXCT also has its own software that can be updated in the form of a firmware update as new technology develops.

All in all, the SIXCT combines the dynamic features of the 5816 in terms of functionality and reliability with the future-proof developments of Honeywell's SiX Series technology. Forget about worrying about your wireless alarm system being hacked. The SIXCT is a compact solution to a growing concern around wireless alarm system hacking. Forget the wires and jump into the future without sacrificing your security and "peace of mind."


I would first recommend a firmware update on the panel and that sensor. If the issue persists we can issue a warranty replacement for you.
I recently installed 7 or 8 of these sensors in a new building. I've had one that seems to eat batteries. I used the battery that came with the unit first, and then robbed a battery from a new spare sensor that had not yet been opened. Both experienced similar lifespans of only a 2-4 weeks. The sensor is the farthest away from the transmitter (about 70'), but it is only a couple feet further than the next closest. Bad batch of batteries, or questionable sensor? Seen any issues on these? Thanks!
It looks like you could put the magnet flat to the bottom frame of the top window and then leave enough room for that magnet and install the sensor on the top of the top edge of the bottom window. Do you think that would work?
As long as the sensor and magnet are close enough that the zone isn't showing "faulted" when the door is closed, and when you open/close the door, the two pieces don't knock into each other, you can certainly mount then at an angle to each other (as opposed to side by side) and have it work properly.
Yes I can do that. My concern was about orientation of the magnet , if that is not important then installation should be very easy
Are you able to submit (or email to a picture of the inside of the door with the frame in the view?
How to install this sensor on outswing door?
There is no limit so just make sure to wire them all in one series loop to the internal contacts and make sure to setup the zone for the wired sensors using 'Service' of 'Terminal Block' in the zone programming for that specific zone.
How many Normally Closed (NC) contacts can be wired to the SIXCT
It seems like you could mount the sensor on the left inside edge of the window frame and then the magnet on the window. Just make sure to leave enough space for the magnet to slide past the sensor when mounting it to the inside edge of the frame.
I'll take one tonight when I get home and update
Are you able to provide a picture of the window in question?
How would you mount these to an aluminum single hung window that opens up and down rather than side to side?
Yes, the magnet plastic enclosure can be difficult to open (we suggest using two small screw drivers to pry sides from the slots at the same time) but once you do get it open, you can remove the raw magnet and affix it to the window or frame to make it fit better.
Can the magnet be removed from its casing to be used on double-hung windows? Similar to the situation presented in your video?
The listed operating temperature is 32° to 122° F. If you wanted to protect a door in an area that would get colder, I suggest using the 5816OD ( ) instead as it's rated for -40 to +150° F.
Is the sensor sensitive to low temperatures? I'm looking to protect a standard entry door in an unheated garage in Michigan.
No, there is no outdoor rated SiX Series sensor at this time but you could use the 5816OD ( ) as the 5800 Series sensors are compatible with the Lyric systems as well.
Is there an outdoor rated version of this sensor?
Do you mean with the Lyric System? The SiXGB and the 5853 would both work.
Are there any glass break sensors that will work with this system?
Currently we're waiting on the release of the SiXSMOKE but there hasn't been any other announced updates or changes to the Lyric panel or other SiX devices coming that we've heard about. They will be releasing a non-touch screen version of the Lyric they are calling the Lyric Gateway.
Like redesigning their products just as they are doing with the sensors. Like are any physical changes coming to the keypad/control panel or any other product in the Lyric suite?
What do you mean by product revisions?
Thanks. Was there mention of any other product revisions?
The smaller SiX sensors were just mentioned way back when we were first doing the training for the Lyric beta program. We haven't heard any updates since then so we don't expect a smaller SiX contact out for awhile but we will certainly be posting about them once we have more information. As for the question on the smokes, as the wireless SiXSMOKEs are interconnected (when one goes off, they all go off), they should meet the building code even if the code is written to say you need to use wired smokes. Fire Marshalls in FL are extremely strict and even they have been approving these smokes once it's been explained to them how they work.
Hi...I've been really interested in the Lyric Security System but haven't found a dealer in St. Louis. Still learning about the system and this is the first I've seen about new smaller sensors. Is there a source for this news? Are there any other product revisions coming soon? Think they'd ever offer a hardwired smoke sensor? They're required by code in St. Louis and I imagine that's the case in most cities.
No, we haven't heard anything about newer SiX Series devices as of yet.
Any updates on the new smaller sensors?
That is correct. We are still anxiously awaiting word on when the smaller SiX contacts will be made available.
I assume we don't yet have an idea when the smaller SIX sensors will be available? I went ahead and ordered the 5811s since these are so large. But I would prefer to the have the encryption.
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