Honeywell VISTA Turbo Series FAQ

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Document Transcript

Is VISTA Turbo supported Yes, it is supported in Compass 1.0 (16-bit) and 2.0 (32-bit). in Compass?

Can I retrofit VISTA Turbo to an In general yes, although some changes may be necessary to the existing install? system configuration:
• 4100SM is no longer required; you should remove it and wire directly to the control panel • Graphical keypads may need to be updated (see below) • Trigger outputs are no longer present on the control panel board; recommend use of an external relay module

Which keypads are compatible All current two-line keypads, the 6272 and later graphical keypads with VISTA Turbo? (with firmware dated October 2010 or later)

Does WIN-PAK, Pro-Watch, etc. A minor update patch is required for applicatons that connect directly to the serial support VISTA Turbo? port. The WIN-PAK patch release is tracking to coincide with the VISTA Turbo
release. This patch is not required if using a serial-to-Ethernet converter. For third party applications, please contact the vendor.

Is VISTA Turbo suitable for VISTA Turbo carries UL and ULC listings for residential fire, making it ideal for fire applications? large residential installations. Commercial fire applications will be supported
by a future product.

Are there plans to provide There is no plan for smaller Turbo panels at this time. The enhancements in the a Turbo version of the VISTA Turbo platform specifically target the needs of larger applications, which VISTA-32FB or VISTA-50P? require VISTA-128 at minimum. If you have applications currently using VISTA-32FB
or VISTA-50P that would benefit from the Turbo feature set, please contact us so we may discuss your needs.



Objectives • Provide enhanced system performance/responsiveness
• Increase speed of RS232 communications for a better user experience in systems integrated with WIN-PAK, Pro-Watch and other automation software • Reduce the number of components and modules that must be purchased and installed (eliminates the need for 4100SM, BSM and associated cost) • Offer better user interface options (more graphical keypads and full Total Connect support) for high-end residential applications

Benefits • Opportunity to spec larger systems with confidence so that the user experience
will be superb even with a large number of points • Simplified, reduced-cost connection to WIN-PAK and similar automation systems • Opportunity to sell a larger number of graphical keypads instead of two-line models • Better Total Connect experience makes upselling remote access features easier and increases RMR potential

Feature Comparison Feature
RS232 interface Battery status monitor RS232 speed Phone line cut detection GUI keypad support Total Connect support V-Plex Smart Contact support

New VISTA-128/250BPT
On-board On-board 9600bps Yes Up to six Full (Cal4 protocol) Yes

Existing VISTA-128/250BPE
Requires 4100SM Requires BSM 1200bps No Maximum three Limited (Cal3 protocol) No