Are Alarm Grid's Reviews Real?

Yes, Alarm Grid's reviews are real. This is true for any product review, customer testimonial and any Alarm Grid review found on a third-party site. Alarm Grid does not edit or adjust these reviews in any way, giving customers the ability to share their complete experiences with others.

Product reviews are used to let others know about any particular experience you have had with a security product that was purchased from Alarm Grid. Leaving a product review is a great way to share important product information, such as ease of installation, reliability and overall performance. At Alarm Grid, we strive to always feature the very best products on our site, and we carefully listen to every product review that we receive. These reviews are very helpful for our team in determining what types of products that we choose to feature and promote on our site. They also assist other customers in making the best purchasing decisions when they are piecing together their security systems.

Customer testimonials allow monitored customers to share their overall experiences using Alarm Grid. We encourage customers to be completely open and honest in their testimonials in order to provide the best possible feedback. Anyone who accesses our website is free to read the testimonials at any time. Alarm Grid does not edit or delete these testimonials, giving customers the complete freedom to share any positive or negative experiences that they have had. As an incentive to provide honest testimonials, Alarm Grid offers a free month of monitoring to any customer who writes a full testimonial based on their experience using our services.

Finally, you may come across reviews that are written outside the Alarm Grid site. Any review you find on a third-party site can be assumed to be legitimate. Alarm Grid does not offer any incentive or compensation for others to write these reviews. They are simply written by supposedly monitored customers who want to share their experiences with others. At Alarm Grid, we have nothing to hide, and we welcome you to read any review that you come across on any site. With our exceptional support, outstanding service and low monthly rates, we are confident that the vast majority of reviews you find will be overwhelmingly positive. So if you aren't already sold on Alarm Grid, please read reviews to your heart's content. We are very sure that you will quickly realize that we are the very best choice in security and home protection.

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