Wired Door Alarm Sensors Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Remove a Wired Recessed Sensor?
A wired recessed sensor can easily be removed from a door or window. Simply pull out the sensor from the frame and disconnect the wiring. Then fish out the wire from the other end. The hole can be covered up or left for a new sensor. Learn more about removing a hardwired recessed sensor.

How Do I Install a Honeywell 951WG in a Door?
Installing a Honeywell 951WG involves drilling holes into both the door and its frame. The sensor and its magnet will be inserted into these holes for a discreet installation. You will typically splice a 2-conductor cable to the fixed wires from the 951WG.. Learn to install a 951WG contact.

Can I Install My Own Window and Door Contacts for a Honeywell Security System?
Many door and window contacts can easily be installed by an end user. This is especially true for wireless surface-mount contacts. Wireless recessed contacts require drilling, but they are still relatively easy to install. However, the installation of hard-wired contacts may warrant some extra help.