Can a 2GIG Go!Control alarm system be self-monitored?

There are two ways to self-monitor the 2GIG Go!Control wireless security system. The most popular way to monitor the system without a central station is to enroll in the interactive services offered by These services include and are not limited to customizing text and/or email alerts and remote access for control and live status. The system must have a cellular communicator in order to use the service. The interface offers very unique tech services including geofencing for heating and cooling! The text and email alerts are a great way to get instant notifications based on alarms and other important events on your security system. The service also offers push notifications on the app. This is a great feature for anyone with a smartphone or tablet. Some cellphone carriers do not support SMS (especially those outside the United States) so these push notifications are a perfect solution!

The second option for self-monitoring is using the 'Remote Control By Telephone' feature. Details of this feature are listed on page 28 of the Go!Control's User Guide. This approach requires the use of the 2GIG GC-POTS phone line module. This is a communication card that installs into the GoControl panel. The device uses the 2 by 7 pin connector and requires an analog (POTS) phone line. This feature does not support digital phone lines such VOIP services like Magic Jack or OOMA. If you have the phone line connected to the panel and have tested for dial tone you can setup this feature to allow you to do the following: Arm the system, Disarm the system, Bypass sensors and Query system status. There are no alerts setup to notify you in the event of an alarm or trouble. This can only be accomplished by enrolling in the services and/or central station monitoring.

The end user has to call the phone line connected to the panel twice in 60 seconds in order to issue commands. There is no exit delay and the auto-stay feature is disabled automatically. Here is a list of the commands after you are connected to the panel:

Press 1 For System Status Report

Press 2 To Arm the System in Away mode

Press 3 To Arm the System in Stay mode

Press 4 To Disarm the system

Press 5 To turn on Auxiliary Output (if used)

Press 6 To turn off Auxiliary Output (if used)

Press 7 To stop System Status Report

Press 8 To Hang Up

Press 9 To Repeat the Command Menu

Press # To Bypass All Open Sensors and Arm the System

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Hi Sophie, I already connected with Jorge via chat. Greg (Doug)
Hi Greg, we can help you! Can you kindly email us at please?
How do I enroll in program to have self monitoring without the central office?
Yes, both systems can send you alerts to your email/phone based on system/sensor events with some level of monitoring service involved. Neither system supports Foscams but you can use those as a supplementary system. I would also think you could use IFTTT to "alert" you to view the cameras based on a text/email from the Honeywell or 2Gig system.
Thanks for the very quick reply Sterling. I've been doing a lot of research and I think I have narrowed the options down. I researched the hubs (Wink, Smartthings, et al) but there are lots of limitations for what I would like. What is it that I would like, you ask? Simple really - I'd like an updated (new tech) style touchscreen panel that will allow control of door/window sensors (x3) and motion sensor (x1). Upon activation of those devices, I would like a notification sent to my cell phone. I would like to 'check things out' by logging into a security camera (video preferred) that was activated as a result of one of the other sensors being activated (IFTTT). Since I narrowed my research to Honeywell and 2gig (I know there are some others) but these two seem to meet these requirements, could you please confirm that? I understand there is a monitoring/access cost for the notifications and video. Is a Foscam video camera compatible with the 2gig or Honeywell systems? Thanks again Sterling - You provide a lot of great info, I really do appreciate it. r/ Kevin
There is a an IP communicator available for the 2Gig systems ( ) but it has to be activated through an dealer (which we are) and therefore there would be a monthly fee involved. Any of our Self Gold/Gold plans (or higher) at would be compatible with your 2Gig panel and an IP GoBridge communicator.
Can't the 2gig communicate via a home router to send notifications?

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