Can a Lyric security system be self-monitored?

Can Lyric system be self monitored?

Yes, the Honeywell Lyric alarm has the ability to be self monitored. Let’s discuss what “Self Monitoring” is -

Self Monitoring is a plan that has no central station involved. Instead of alarm signals going to a central monitoring company, they will be sent directly to email or SMS destinations specified by the end user. With the use of Honeywell’s Total Connect 2.0 app, an end user can enter phone numbers and email addresses to have notifications sent. With a self monitoring plan, there is no automatic police, fire or medical dispatch. It is up to a user's discretion as to when they should call the authorities.

There are some benefits to Self Monitoring plans. Anywhere there is an internet connected WIFI network, Lyric will be able to be controlled remotely. Lyric can be monitored over only WIFI, only Cellular or a combination of both, in a Dual Path communication setup. This allows the system to switch to a secondary communication path if the primary path goes down. A user can connect to the panel using the Total Connect 2.0 app via cellular or WIFI communication on their smartphone or tablet. There is less concern for false alarms, because there is no central station waiting to dispatch. Self Monitoring plans are typically less expensive than plans that include Central Station monitoring. Self Monitoring plans are very popular in areas or countries that don’t have Central Station dispatch available, or where police dispatch times are too long to be useful for an alarm event.

Lyric also has a Z-Wave radio built into the unit. This allows an end user to immediately start integrating home automation devices into their system. With the right Self Monitoring plan, Total Connect 2.0 can allow remote control of all Z-Wave devices enrolled into the system. With Total Connect 2.0 an end user is not only able to control their Z-Wave devices, they are able to program Scenes, Rules and Smart Scenes to fully automate their home or business.

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