Can Any Alarm Company Monitor My VISTA-21iP?

Any alarm company with an AlarmNet license can monitor your VISTA-21iP. The system has a built-in IP communicator that can be taken over by most alarm companies. The communicator must be released and not controlled by an existing company. You must provide the MAC and CRC when activating.

Honeywell vista 21ip internet alarm control panel open

The Honeywell VISTA-21iP uses its communicator to connect with the AlarmNet360 Servers that host Total Connect 2.0. AlarmNet then passes on any alerts or notifications to a central station and/or the end user directly, depending on their monitoring plan. Without monitoring service, the Honeywell VISTA-21iP System cannot connect with the AlarmNet Servers, and the end user will not receive any sort of response or notification during an alarm event.

Many monitoring companies have licenses with Resideo's AlarmNet division that allows them to provide monitoring service for Honeywell Panels with AlarmNet Communicators. AlarmNet360 and Total Connect 2.0 can only be accessed by a Honeywell Alarm Panel that has a compatible AlarmNet Communicator installed and activated. In the case of the Honeywell VISTA-21iP, this AlarmNet Communicator is integrated into the panel itself.

The built-in communicator for the Honeywell VISTA-21iP is an IP (internet protocol) communicator that uses a hardwired ethernet connection to access the internet for alarm monitoring service. If you want to connect the system to a wireless WIFI network, then a compatible ethernet to WIFI bridge can be used instead. This can save you the trouble of having to run a wire from your router to your panel. Otherwise, the wired connection is mandatory.

Once the IP communicator has been released, it can be activated by a different alarm company if desired. Alarm Grid is one such company that is capable of activating a released VISTA-21iP Communicator for IP monitoring service. Since the system is using an IP communicator, our Bronze and Silver Level Plans represent viable options. More information can be found on our alarm monitoring page. You might also consider upgrading to a cellular or dual-path communicator, as that will prevent an internet outage from taking your panel offline. That will require a Gold Plan or higher.

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