Can Compass software be used to program a VISTA-20P?

Compass software is useful for programming Honeywell alarm control panels through a computer. Instead of using a keypad hooked up to your VISTA-20P, you can use the Compass software to configure all programming settings and then download the settings to the alarm control panel. Compass is not intended for the end user and is only distributed to Honeywell dealers.

However, we realize that some end users have the software and want to be able to use it to program their own VISTA-20P alarm control panel. To do so, you will need an approved modem for use with Compass. You will also need a computer that is compatible with the Compass software. The computer should also have a standard 9 pin serial port available. There are USB to serial adapters available. The recommended model is the Tripp-Lite USA-19HS. Finally, you will need either a WATELCOCABLE, or a phone cord with an RJ-11 plug on one end, and the plug and wires stripped from the opposite end. These instructions assume the use of a regular phone cord.

First, you will need to connect the RJ-11 plug from your phone cord into the modem's 'LINE' port. At the other end of this cord, you'll have 4 flying leads, Black, Yellow, Red, and Green. Wire Red and Green to the panel's phone terminals. Red on Ring (terminal 24), Green on Tip (terminal 23). Wire a 150 Ohm, 1/2 watt resistor between Ring and terminal 5 (Aux power positive). Connect a jumper wire from Tip (terminal 23) to terminal 4 (Aux Power negative).

With the connections made, open the Compass software and setup an account for your VISTA-20P alarm control panel. Open the account, go to "communications", hit the connect button, and choose "Initiate from Telco" then click "Connect". The Compass software will generate a message box with an "OK" button available.

Next, enter your 4-digit installer code followed by [#] + [1] on your keypad. A message of "Modem Comm" (Alpha Keypad) or "CC" (Fixed Keypad) should display. Wait a few seconds, you'll hear a click from the panel as the line seizure relay engages, then click the "OK" button on the message box within Compass.

Through the modem, the software will connect to the control panel, as if the connection were taking place over a phone line. Once connected, you can then upload and download panel programming.

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No, the Vista-20 and Vista-20SE only support a Compass connection through a dial-up modem. If there is no phone line at the panel, you can trick it into thinking that there is, but you still need a dial-up model in order to communicate with the panel. This means that you also need a serial port on a computer in order to connect the external modem with it. The only modem I know of that you may still be able to buy new for this purpose is the Honeywell (now Resideo) CIA 2400. <a href="">This document</a> will show you how it can be done if you have the proper modem.
Would this procedure work with a Vista-20 or Vista-20SE?
I'm not finding any accounts linked to this email. Did you perhaps use a different email when signing up? If so, please email with your request and either use or reference the email linked to your account when making the request.
Hi I have Self Monitoring thru Alarm grid and compass software. What are the procedures for connecting compass to 21ip panel?
Is it a VISTA-20 or VISTA-20P? What is on the PROM chip in the middle of the green circuit board?
On a vista 20where do I put in the central station # ?
Which system do you have?
is there a way to view your account # on your keypad ?
You need to contact Honeywell about getting a Login for MyWebTech. This is where you can download the Compass software, and also any step-by-step instructions for direct connecting to alarm panels. I can tell you, without an AlarmNet device and an internet connection (which technically is not a direct connection), the only way to direct connect to a 20P is via a Modem, like the CIA2400.
Ima alarm dealer and we are just getting into Honeywell products, can I program vista 20p and vista 128 bpt with compass via a direct connect from my laptop? I also have a 4100sm module if that helps Thanks Mitch
It's only officially available if you are a Honeywell dealer. Otherwise, you'd have to try googling to find it posted unofficially.
Where can I download Compass from?
Are each L5000 connected via phone line only?
How does this work the installer code is unknown? i have about 35 Honeywell L5000 and i can log into any of them i was hoping this could help.
We're not familiar with the Viking DEL-200b unfortunately.
How would you use a Viking DLE-200b in between the panel and the PC with the Compass Software? What DIP settings need to be set on the Viking?
You can use the Total Connect virtual keypad for programming, the same way you would from a console keypad. As for Compass, we don't support end users connecting with Compass so you would have to talk to your alarm company about that. Techincally, it is possible to connect through the GSMV4G cellular device so that no modem is required.
My vista20P system is currently being monitored by analarm monitoring service, and I also have a total connect account that allows me to do end-user functions, such as turn alarm off/on and look at event log etc. I also have an GSMV4G on the system, which is why I had to get an TC account. How do I enable the alarm programming functions using TC? I also have downloaded and installed Compass2.0, and wondering what options are available besides direct connect using my desktop's internal modem, which is not on the list of recommended modems.
No, the 4100SM is not compatible with a VISTA-20P.
Can you program a Vista20P using the ADEMCO 4100SM serial module and Compass downloader?
Yes, you can Compass a VISTA-128BPT.
Can compass program 128 bpt
I'm not sure as Brinks equipment is proprietary. We recommend that you replace your control panel and keypads with new Honeywell equipment. Feel free to call us with questions.
I have a Brinks 4000A security system. I want to stop monitoring by Brinks. Is there a way to have the system dial my cell phone directly in case of an alarm? What is required to do this?
Activated and registered means that the internal IP communicator is active with an AlarmNet dealer which would normally mean that you are signed up for some type of alarm monitoring service. It doesn't have to be Total Connect, but the AlarmNet dealer would have to activate some sort of service. If you got our Self Monitoring service (which is a standalone Total Connect account), and you had Compass, you would have access to program your system from the computer.
Hi Sterling, thanks for the response. I understand that the compass software is not directly available to end users. By activated and registered do you mean the panel must be registered with an alarm monitoring service that supports total connect?
Yes, if the 21iP is activated and registered, you can use Compass software to program the system. However, the software is not available for end users.
On the Vista-21iP can it be programmed with the compass software over the ethernet port?
Hi Bob, Honeywell recommends using the Ademco CIA 2400 modem for use with Compass and all panels.
how can i learn the approved modem for use with Honeywell alarm control panels.?? what specifications and reference to manufacturers

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