Can I Access a Honeywell VAM From Outside My Home Network?

No, you cannot access a Honeywell VAM from outside your home network. To access the menu for a Honeywell VAM, you must use a web browser on a device connected with the same WIFI network. You must provide the IP address for the VAM. This will let you control your system from that browser.

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If you pull up the VAM locally on a web browser, you will have access to full control for the device. It will be a lot like using a Tuxedo Touch Keypad, except the actions will be done through a browser and not a physical keypad. From the browser, you can arm and disarm your VISTA System, adjust device settings and perform smart home automation functions.

Unfortunately, the VAM can only be accessed in this manner locally. This means that you must be using a device connected with the same WIFI network as the VAM. You will need to enter in the IP address for the VAM into the web browser to access the menu. If you are working remotely, or if your device is not connected with the same WIFI network, then you cannot access the VAM.

However, there is still a way to perform various system and smart home actions remotely when using a Honeywell VAM and a VISTA System. End users can do this by using Total Connect 2.0. This is an interactive service platform that is included as part of many alarm monitoring plans. The service can be accessed from a web browser or remotely using the Total Connect 2.0 Mobile App on Android and iOS devices.

Once a user has accessed their Total Connect 2.0 account, they can arm and disarm their system, check current system status, and perform smart home automation functions. These are mostly the same functions that a user would perform by accessing their Honeywell VAM on the local network. Since Total Connect 2.0 can be accessed using the mobile app, these actions can be performed from virtually anywhere in the world. The user just needs to be able to connect to the network and access the Total Connect 2.0 service.

Please note that a Honeywell VAM can be setup for remote access. This involves using port forwarding with your IP router. Port forwarding is not secure, and puts your local network at-risk for a security breach. We recommend using Total Connect 2.0 for all remote access, as it uses an encrypted server that is nearly impossible for an outsider to attack. As a result, port forwarding is not supported by Alarm Grid. We do not offer troubleshooting support for this feature. More information can be found on Page 9 of the Honeywell VAM Installation Instructions. See the section titled "Set Up Remote Access".

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