Can I Add the ADC-T2000 to My Account?

Yes, you can add the ADC-T2000 to your Account. This is done by pairing the Z-Wave thermostat to your security system as a Z-Wave device. The user will need an alarm monitoring plan that includes access to, and the system will need to be paired with the platform.

Alarm dot com t2000 smart thermostat

One of the biggest features of is the ability to control Z-Wave smart home devices, including programmable thermostats. A user can access through its website or through the Mobile App on Android or iOS devices to control their ADC-T2000. They can also set smart scenes to have the ADC-T2000 activate automatically with certain system events or on a set schedule. This is great for saving money on energy costs. All control for the thermostat is done through the Automations Menu of It's also possible to use Geo-Fencing Services to have the ADC-T2000 activate when your smartphone comes within a certain radius of your security system. can even alert the user if someone adjusts the thermostat while they are away from home.

Additionally, the ADC-T2000 also allows the user to perform most operations directly from the device itself. This includes adjusting the temperature and configuring the programming settings. This is great if a user needs to make a quick adjustment while they are on-site. The programming features for the ADC-T2000 will have the building's HVAC system automatically activate when the temperature falls above or below a set threshold. By having the HVAC system activate only when it is needed, a user can keep their home comfortable, while also keeping energy expenses to a minimum.

For larger buildings, the ADC-S2000 Temperature Sensor is a great accessory for the ADC-T2000. This device will send remote indoor temperatures directly to the ADC-T2000 Smart Thermostat. That way, a user can obtain a more accurate reading of the temperatures throughout the building.

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