Can I Change A Lyric Security System's Master Code?

The Lyric Security System's factory default Master Code is set to 1234 and can be changed by using the Master Code. If the Master Code is unknown, the Installer Code can be used to Reset the Master Code back to 1234 then can be changed using the Master Code.

To change the Master code using the existing Master Code or factory default code.

Press the Security icon on the Home Screen.

Press Tools and enter the existing Master Code or 1234 on the displayed keypad.

Select Users.

A list of all existing users will be listed. If a user code has already been assigned, 4 asterisks will follow the name. Example: MASTER****At the bottom there will be Edit, Add New, Delete.

Select Master, then Edit - enter the new 4 digit code

Press Save.

To Reset the Master Code via the Installer Code:

Select the Security icon.

Next select the Tools icon.

Enter the installer code on the displayed keypad, Honeywell’s factory default installer code is 4112.

The Installer Tools menu screen will be displayed. Select the Program button and System Programming is displayed in an orange band at the top of the screen. The Panic button will also light up and the Home button will flash red and green.

Select Reset Master Code - Select Yes to confirm and the system will reset the code to 1234.

Select Done when finished.

Now the Master Code can be changed by the user using 1234 and the top instructions.

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Hi, Unfortunately their isn't a way to get into the panel without knowing the master code that was setup with the panel. I'm not sure if you can possibly return it to the seller but here is a link to where you can purchase a wireless Honeywell panel
Got a unit second hand (should have bought from you) and neither the default master or installer codes work. Tried 1234 and 4112 and no go. Any way to factory reset or am I screwed?

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