Can I Choose Which Central Station I Use with Alarm Grid?

No, you cannot choose which central station you use with Alarm Grid. All Alarm Grid customers with central station monitoring service are connected with Criticom Monitoring Service (CMS). End users cannot choose a different central station. Most end users are extremely satisfied with CMS.

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Central station monitoring means that your security system is connected with a round-the-clock 24/7 central station for automatic emergency dispatch in the event of an emergency. This can include a break-in, a fire, an outbreak of CO gas or a medical crisis. Central station monitoring should not be confused with self-monitoring. A user on a self-monitoring plan will receive text and/or email alerts from an interactive service platform like Total Connect 2.0 or It will then be up to them to contact the needed authorities. Please note that most customers with central station monitoring can also receive these same notifications. But only central station monitoring will allow for automatic emergency dispatch.

All Alarm Grid customers who sign-up for a central monitoring plan will receive service from Criticom Monitoring Service. CMS is been providing top-quality alarm monitoring service since 1978. The company operate three (3) distinct 24/7 monitoring centers located across the United States of America. These three center are located in California (CA), Florida (FL) and New Jersey (NJ) respectively. In the event that one center goes down for whatever reason (e.g. a natural disaster), all calls and alerts will be rerouted, and the other two monitoring centers will pick up the slack as needed. This redundancy ensures that end users are always protected and their homes and businesses are always monitored.

Criticom Monitoring Service is UL-Listed and FM Approved, making it fully compliant with Nationally Recognized Industry Standards. In order to receive UL listing, CMS had to meet the very strict UL-827 Standard. Its operators are required to undergo an intensive training process that exceeds that of the prestigious TMA 5-Diamond Certification Program. Alarm Grid chooses to work with CMS because our experts truly believe that the company is the very best at what it does. We can say with complete confidence that you will not find a better central monitoring station than Criticom Monitoring Service. That is why we make CMS the central monitoring station for all our customers who receive central station service.

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