Can I Connect a GC2 to Alexa?

Yes, you can connect a GC2 to Alexa. To do this, you will need to enable the Smart Home skill from the Alexa App. Once you have enabled the skill, you will be prompted to link your account information with the Alexa App. Your user account will sync Alexa with your GC2.

Any time you attempt to control your GC2 using Alexa, the command will first need to pass through Your Alexa device will use its WIFI connection to send any command involving your GC2 system to Once receives this command, it will then send its own signal to the GC2 panel to perform the desired action. Since you must wait for your Alexa device to speak with and then for to speak with your GC2, it may take a few moments for any command to properly go through.

There are a number of different commands that you can perform on your GC2 through your Alexa device. You can use Alexa to arm your system and to check whether or not your system is currently armed. Please note that you will not be able to use Alexa to disarm your system, as that would represent a security risk. For example, you wouldn't want an intruder to be able to come in and disarm your system by saying, "Alexa, disarm my security panel." Alexa can also be used to start or stop recording on any security cameras that you have set up.

The other main use for Alexa with a GC2 system is being able to control Z-Wave devices. Since Z-Wave devices can be controlled through, you will be able to activate them using Alexa. When using Alexa to control Z-Wave devices, you will need to specifically identify the exact Z-Wave device that you want to control so that it can properly recognized. For instance, if you have multiple Z-Wave lights programmed with your GC2 system and your account, you will need to identify the particular light you want to control based on its voice descriptor.

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