Can I Connect a GC3 to Alexa?

Yes, you can connect a GC3 to Alexa. This is done using the Smart Home skill on the Alexa App. Upon enabling this skill, the user will be prompted to link their account with their Alexa device. This will have connect Alexa with the GC3 security system.

Alexa controls the GC3 system in a somewhat unique way. Any command for the GC3 that is sent using Alexa must be passed through the server. The Alexa device will use its WIFI connection to send the command to After the command reaches the user's account, will then forward the command to the user's GC3 security panel to perform the action. Since you will need to wait for the command to be sent from the Alexa device to and then for to pass the command to the GC3 panel, it may take a few moments before any given command will go into effect.

Using Alexa, there are several different actions that you can perform on your GC3. Alexa voice commands represent an easy way to quickly arm your system, and you can also check to see whether or not the system is currently armed. However, it will not be possible to use Alexa to disarm your system. The Smart Home skill was intentionally designed this way, as allowing a user to disarm their system using Alexa would present a serious security risk. If an intruder was able to simply tell Alexa to disarm the system, they would essentially have free access to the home.

Most of the other commands that will be sent using Alexa will involve home automation devices. Using Alexa to control the home automation devices in your home can be extremely convenient, and it is perhaps the most exciting way that you can use Alexa to control your GC3. When doing this, you will need to specifically identify the home automation device that you want to control based on its voice descriptor. For example, if you have multiple Z-Wave lights programmed with your GC3 system, you will need to make sure that Alexa knows which device you are trying to activate.

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