Can I connect a 2GIG Go!Control to an iPad?

Yes you can connect to the 2GIG GoControl alarm control panel via your iPad. In order to do so the GoControl must be equipped with a cellular communicator. There are several choices when it comes to choosing cellular radio. However the most popular are the GC3GA-A and the GCCDMV-A. These are both cellular modules that connect to a port inside the GoControl keypad. The GC3GA-A uses the AT&T cellular network and is outfitted with a SIM card. The GCCDMV-A is a Verizon based communicator so it does not require a SIM in order to activate service. is essentially a server that hosts interactive, remote services for security systems like the 2GIG GoControl. After the cellular radio is installed, you will need to enroll in service with an dealer. Although it varies company to company, we offer no contract monitoring plans; some of which include Any information from the GoControl first travels to the server (similar to Honeywell's Alarmnet). From there it can be relayed to a central station and/or the interactive services offered by itself.

The remote software can be accessed on the web or via an app on your tablet or smartphone. Since specializes in software they are able to offer a clean, fluid application that offers constantly advancing features. In fact, the team of developers works hard to offer valuable updates just about every week. This brings you and your alarm system that much closer together. When you really want to know what is going on at home these services offer a detailed look at the system's live status. There are automated and manual triggers to a wide range of system operations on the security and automation side.

All in all, get a cellular communicator and enroll in services with an dealer. Then you will be on your way to controlling your security system from anywhere in the world; right on your iPad!

**Please note: The GC3GR-A is a Rogers based cellular communicator that will work for anyone in Canada with access to the Rogers network.**

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