Can I connect to a Lyric security system with an iPad?

Can I connect to a Lyric Security System with an iPad?

Yes, an iPad can connect to a Lyric Security System.

There are two methods of connecting to the Lyric Security System from the iPad. Before this can happen though, the Lyric itself will need to be connected to a cellular network or internet connected WIFI network. The Lyric ships with a ready to use WIFI module that’s ready to use and built into the system. It also has a bay on the side of the system that allows a user to easily install a Verizon or AT&T cellular communicator. The Lyric can use WIFI communication, Cellular communication or a combination of both. When using a combination of the two communication methods in a Dual Path setup, the system will automatically switch to an active path if one of the communication paths goes down. All of the systems alarm and system communication can be transmitted over either path.

The first method we will cover for connecting an iPad to Lyric is through the app called “My Home Controller”. This app can be downloaded for free onto an Apple or Android smart device - iPads, iPhones, Android tablets and smartphones are all able to use this app. This app allows a smart device to control the Lyric over the local WIFI network and it has the exact same user interface. The downside to this app is that the Lyric and smart device will need to be on the same WIFI network. For remote access, an end user will want to use Total Connect 2.0.

The second method for connecting to the Lyric with an iPad is using Total Connect 2.0. This an app that can be accessed through a web browser or downloaded to an apple or android smart device. Total Connect 2.0 gives the user remote access to arm/disarm the system, select where alert notifications are sent, control and program home automation devices, get the system status and even look through Honeywell IPCAMs that are connected to the system.

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