Do Existing Smokes work On a HW wireless alarm system?

The Encore FF345 is the only way to integrate conventional smoke detectors with a Honeywell wireless alarm system. Conventional smoke detectors are generally high voltage and wired to discrete circuit on your electrical panel. Since they are wired in a single loop, they are interconnected so if one detector is tripped they all trip. There are also battery powered smokes that offer audible interconnectedness. The Encore unit is NOT a smoke detector nor a means of life safety. This device is designed to listen for the sound of a traditional ionization or photoelectric smoke detector. When it hears the alarm it will fault a programmed fire zone on your alarm system. Again, the main purpose of this unit is to monitor your existing smoke detection system remotely, not protect lives!

Depending on the local fire code, there needs to be a smoke detector in each room each with local battery backup. If they are interconnected as explained earlier, the FF345 can be place within 6 inches of any smoke detector on the premise. First you can document the 7 digit serial number and ceiling mount the device. Once the unit is installed you will need to program the unit as a Fire protection zone on your Honeywell security system. Always test the smoke detectors and ensure the alarm panel picks up the fire alarm signal. Regular testing is recommended.

NEVER RELY ON THIS UNIT FOR LIFE SAFETY! It is strictly a device that makes it convenient to monitor your conventional smoke detection system remotely using a central station for fire department dispatching and/or Total Connect 2.0 for text and/or email alerts).

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