How do I install an Encore Firefighter FF345?

The Encore Firefighter FF345 should be ceiling mounted within 6 inches of a conventional smoke detector. Essentially, it is a listening device so the placement of the device (relative to your existing smoke detectors) is crucial. There are two tabs on the microphone side of the unit that should be aligned closest to the smoke detector. The FF345 is a wireless module designed to transmit an alarm signal when it hears the temporal-3 sound of a smoke detector in alarm. This includes existing high voltage or battery-powered smoke and heat detectors that are required by the building code.

The FF345 Installation and User Guide shows a diagram of the sensor in relation to a smoke detector. You can use this guide to learn how to program and test the Firefighter unit. Setting this unit up is a great way to protect your home or business without any additional wiring or replacement smoke detectors needed.

If you are moving from an older wired alarm panel such as the VISTA-20P to a more modern wireless system like the L7000 LYNX Touch, the firefighter is a great way to cut costs on replacing existing smokes. Traditionally, you would need to purchase and install new wireless smokes (i.e. Honeywell 5808W3) in order to integrate fire protection with a wireless panel. Now the Firefighter allows you to piggyback off the existing smoke detector infrastructure in your home. If you have low voltage smokes connected to a wired security system, you can keep this system powered on as a local noisemaker.

If fire protection is the only thing holding you back from upgrading your alarm system to the 21st century, the Firefighter is here to save the day! Check out our Honeywell wireless security systems and upgrade your system now.

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You'll only be entering the numerical digits from the serial number into the VISTA, the letter isn't used.
How is the FF345 programed into the Vista20P when the serial number is too long?
Yes, as long as your VISTA panel has a wireless receiver connected and you have available wireless zone slots, you can program a zone for the FF345 Encore device.
Is the ff345 compatible withe the VISTA-20P or 21ip?

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