Can I Make My Lyric Security System Z-Wave Compatible?

The Honeywell Lyric Controller has a built in Z-Wave module directly from the factory so there is no need to purchase and install an additional piece of equipment.

The Honeywell Lyric Controller supports up to 72 Z-Wave devices, which includes up to 6 thermostats and 6 door locks.

The Lyric Controller can control up to 100 smart scenes. User can use voice commands to run smart scenes.

The Lyric Controller has a special feature - when using a Z-Wave door lock - if users do not disable the alarm system, when the door is locked, the panel will auto arm in stay mode.

The Lyric Controller is WiFi enabled (direct from the factory) and it’s compatible SiX sensors are fully encrypted.

The Lyric also supports the Lyric-3G GSM cell communicator (AT&T) and theLyric-CDMA (Verizon) that will provide dual communication.

The Lyric Controller has a built in camera that will take snap shots of whomever disarms the system. If the Lyric Controller is connected to a Total Connect 2.0 account, the snapshots can be uploaded and generate emails and or text messages to the user.

The Lyric Controller also supports up to 24 IP cameras and 4 can be viewed at a time directly on the it’s 7 inch touchscreen.

The Lyric Controller supports up to 128 wireless zones and 2 hardwired zones.

The Lyric also supports up to 48 user codes, 44 standard, 1 installer, 1 master, 1 guest and 1 duress code.

The Lyric Controller is the first of Honeywell’s self contained alarm systems to integrate both WiFi and Z-Wave. The Lyric Controller is also the first to offer fully encrypted wireless sensors.

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Yes, it looks like there are two models available and either will work with the Lyric. One model can connect via Z-Wave and the other can interface via Apple HomeKit.
Can I integrate a Fibaro flood sensor with Z-Wave to the Lyric controller?
I am not familiar with this product but it looks like it requires a wired pair for control (momentary contact) and a pair for status (latched relay). The Lyric Controller does not accept these types of hardwired contact closures. This type of device is more designed for a customized automation platform with an input/output controller. Do not think you can integrate this exact product with Home Kit/Lyric. If you can find a steam generator with a simple transformer you can connect the transformer to a z-wave appliance module: or you can use a homekit supported outlet listed here: I'm considering the Lyric w/ monitoring to use with Homekit to replace my unmonitored Lynx. Couple questions: 1) Do you provide monitoring service? 2) One of the devices I'd like my Homekit to control is a steam shower (Mr. Steam w/ HomeWizard). It sounds like this device is setup to use via home automation (see pic for relevant instructions on setup). Is this something I could use a z-wave or other sensor to automate via the Lyric, then control via Homekit? If so, what would I need to order (sensor / switch) from you besides the Lyric?
The C1 camera is already out and available through Honeywell's retail channel. However, you'll only be able to use it with the actual Lyric app and the integration into Total Connect 2.0 and with the Lyric Controller is what we are in beta for now. Once the integration is released, we'll have the C1 camera available on our site but we don't have an exact ETA yet. I have flagged your account so that once it's available, we can reach out to you and let you know.
We are in beta right now. There is not an exact date of release yet. Should be in the next couple months.
Thanks, do you know when is Honeywell is going to release this cameras?
Arturo, currently only the Honeywell IPCAMs are compatible with the Lyric for local viewing through the touchscreen, and for remote viewing via TC2. Honeywell has some changes in the pipeline with regard to these offerings, but I'm not sure when, or exactly what will be available. Here's a link to all our cameras, ONLY the ones that begin with Honeywell IPCAM will be compatible. The Skybell doorbell is compatible, but currently can only be viewed through its own app, or Total Connect 2.0.
Which cameras can be setup with this controller? And are you positive that It can be seen in the touchscreen?
No you should be able to shift primary to the Lyric. Then shift it back to the Vera leaving the devices behind on the lyric. Just eliminating primary access to learn new devices on the lyric.
Crap... that's what I was afraid of, since my Vera Edge has already been setup to control all of these devices (10+). My understanding is that I'd have to blow them out of Vera.. start over with Lyric, then make the shift as you described above. Does that sound accurate?
The process for the Lyric is going to be very similar. You learn the Z-Wave devices in, then do the "Primary Shift to Secondary" procedure to shift control to the Vera Edge as your primary.
A question about z-wave control with the Lyric: can it be used as a SECONDARY controller? I already have a Very Edge that I'm very happy with (since Vera Edge integrates Z-Wave, wifi, Zigbee and other protocols all in one). However, I'd like the ability to use the Lyric as a Z-Wave backup / secondary controller, as 75% of my home automation items are Z-wave based. I already have an alarmgrid subscription that allows for this. My question is related to ease/difficulty in making Lyric a secondary z-wave controller... and any guidance that can be offered. I had a Lynx 5100 panel previously... and it was a pain in the butt to make that unit a secondary controller. Thanks!
We haven't tested that specific model but Kwikset is one of the recommended brands for Z-Wave locks using the Lyric so I would think it would work just fine.
Will the Kwikset 99100-061-VB Z Wave Deadbolt work with the Lyric?

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