Can I Make the Honeywell L3000 Call My Phone?

Yes, you can make the Honeywell L3000 call your phone. To do this, you will need to program the Follow Me feature on your panel. This will instruct your L3000 to call a designated phone number whenever a specified event occurs. Your L3000 does not need to be monitored to use this function.

The Follow Me function is the only way for an L3000 user who does not receive monitoring service to be remotely informed about system events. In order to use the Follow Me feature, you will need to have an active phone line connected to your L3000 system. This is the communication method that will be used when contacting your phone. Once the feature has been set up, your phone number will receive a voice update about certain system events.

When programming the Follow Me function, you will be able to choose which phone number will receive verbal alerts. You can also select which system events will result in a notification being sent. This is determined by which Follow Me option you choose when setting up the function.

The different option numbers and their respective actions are listed below:

  • 10 - Will send a voice update about alarms, arms/disarms (for user 0, and users 5 - 8, or key fob arming only) and trouble information.
  • 11 - Will send a voice update about alarms and troubles.
  • 12 - Performs the same function as option 10.
  • 13 - Sends a voice update whenever the system is armed or disarmed, with the same limitations as those listed above for option 10.

After the Follow Me feature has been set up, you will want to test the function to make sure that it has been programmed properly. For options 10, 12 and 13, you can test the function by arming and disarming the panel, either by quick arming, or by using one of the specified codes, or a key fob. Option 11 will require you to trigger an alarm. The panel will call the number specified and speak the status of the system (just like the voice of the panel will be announcing status locally). If any button is pressed on the panel, it will cancel the Follow Me report. When the phone call is received, press any button on the phone to acknowledge that you've received the message, otherwise, the panel will hang up and try again, up to 8 times.

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