Can I Mount a Honeywell 5800RP Outside?

No, you cannot mount a Honeywell 5800RP outside. The device is not weatherproof, and it is susceptible to damage from rain and dust. It should only be used in an indoor setting. But the device is very easy to install, and it does not even have to be programmed with a panel to operate.

Honeywell 5800rp wireless repeaterIn order for any security device to be used outside, it should be weatherproof and protected from damage by dust, rain, wind and sunlight. The 5800RP is not designed with outdoor weather in mind, and it should only be used in an indoor setting. However, the device can be used with outdoor security sensors, as long as it is within the wireless signal range of these device. Keep in mind though that thick walls and other obstacles may reduce this signal range.

The Honeywell 5800RP acts as a wireless repeater for Honeywell 5800 Series Sensors. These sensors communicate with a Honeywell Alarm System at a frequency of 345 MHz. They can also be used with a different type of alarm system, as long as it accepts the 345 MHz frequency. Most of the 5800 Series Sensors have a wireless signal range of about 200 feet. However, some 5800 Series Sensors may have a larger range, while others will have a smaller range.

A Honeywell 5800RP works to extend this signal range. This works by having the wireless 345 MHz sensor send its signal to the 5800RP. The 5800RP will then send this signal out a second time in order to effectively double the signal range. So if a 5800 Series Sensor has a maximum range of 200 feet, using a 5800RP will essentially double the maximum range to up to 400 feet. The 345 MHZ signal will travel from the sensor, to the 5800RP, and finally to the control panel. Please note that it is not possible to use multiple 5800RP devices to repeat a signal twice. The signal can only be repeated once. However, it is possible to use more than one 5800RP device on opposite ends of the alarm system for repeating signals in multiple directions.

Since outdoor sensors may be further away from the control panel than indoor sensors, it may seem like a good idea to use the 5800RP outside. But this should never be done. If the 5800RP gets exposed to heavy rain or dust, it may stop working properly. Therefore, it should not be used outdoors. However, it can be installed right next to a wall leading to the outside if desired.

For best results, the 5800RP should be mounted fairly high up. This will provide it with the best signal range when communicating with wireless sensors and the alarm system. The device includes a mounting bracket for this purpose. It should be placed in an open area so that the signals aren't blocked or obstructed. The device simply needs to be plugged-in to a wall outlet to begin repeating signals. It does not have to be programmed to a wireless zone on the system. However, a user will often program their 5800RP with their system for RF supervision purposes.

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