Can I Self-Monitor an Security System?

Yes, you can self-monitor an Security System. To do this, you just need a panel that includes an Communicator. This is almost always a cellular communicator. You will also need a self-monitoring plan from Alarm Grid. The monitoring plan must include access to

Self-monitoring is a type of monitoring service that does not involve service from a central station. In this case, all monitoring will be done exclusively from This includes the website and the Mobile App for Android and iOS devices. The end user will receive text and/or email alerts from regarding any system activity. It will then be up to the end user to contact the necessary authorities during alarm events. Because the system isn't connected with a central station, it will not be possible to receive automatic emergency dispatch for events like a burglary or fire. But if an end user does not benefit from central station service, or if they simply do not want central station service, then a self-monitoring plan might be for them.

Using a self-monitoring plan with has the same requirements as using a central station monitoring plan with In fact, these plans are basically the same. The only difference is that a self-monitoring plan will not include service from a central monitoring station. The website and mobile app will both look and behave exactly the same, regardless of whether the end user has a self-monitoring plan or a central station monitoring plan. The end user can still set up text and/or email alerts regarding any system activity. They can still use to control any programmed Z-Wave smart home devices. And they can still use to view the live feed for IP Cameras, provided that their monitoring plan includes video surveillance.

In order to use an Self-Monitoring Plan, you will need a panel with an Communicator. In almost every case, this is a cellular communicator. For that reason you will need to get a self-monitoring plan with cellular connectivity. Alarm Grid customers can choose between a Self-Gold Plan and a Self-Platinum Plan. The only case where you can access with an IP communicator is with the 2GIG GC2 and the 2GIG Go!Bridge IP Communicator. But even then, you will still need to pay the same price as a cellular monitoring plan. And since cellular monitoring is more reliable and consistent than IP-only monitoring, it makes very little sense to use a GC2 with just an Go!Bridge IP Communicator.

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