Can I upgrade the firmware on a Lyric security system?

Firmware updates to the Lyric Controller can be performed by the Security Dealer. There are two ways Firmware Updates can be performed. Over the Air (OTA) or via the USB port at the bottom of the panel. In this FAQ, we will discuss OTA upgrades. To perform a remote OTA update, the system must be registered with an AlarmNet 360 account. Pull up the account in AlarmNet 360 Device Programming. From the drop down, go to “Edit ” and press the Right Arrow. Under “Account Overview” scroll down to the “Panel” section, note the current panel version here. If applicable, click the “Upgrade” option:

Available updates will be shown. (You can also check the current panel version by going to Security > Tools > Master Code > Advanced > System Information).

On the Firmware Update screen, you’ll see the option to Remote Update (OTA) or Export to USB. With Remote Update selected, you’ll see the version(s) available to install, a Job Name (MAC Address_Date) and an option to schedule the update now, or at a future date/time. Select your options, then press “Schedule”.

Press “OK”. Now, if you press “Close” in the upper right, you’ll be taken back to the main screen in AlarmNet360. At the upper right, you’ll see the Icon representing Firmware Jobs. Press the icon to check the status of your update. For more detailed status, click the “Right Arrow” on the appropriate job.

If the update is “Non-Critical” the end user will be required to approve the upgrade before it will be processed. After the update command has been submitted on AlarmNet 360, when the system is Disarmed, and Ready (no alarms, or troubles), the end-user will see this message, telling them what the Firmware build is, and the fact that it is a “Regular Build”, meaning it’s non-critical. If they choose “Yes” the update will be processed. If they choose “No” the update will be cancelled. If they choose “Postpone” the message will disappear, and pop-up again in 6 hours, “Postpone” again will clear the message for 6 more hours. You can continue to do this a total of 4 times, or 24 hours. After this, the job is cancelled and would need to be aborted on AN360, and re-scheduled.

At the panel, if WIFI is available, the Download and Processing of the Firmware update will take about 5 - 10 minutes. If only a Cell communicator is available, this process can take about an hour. The system will reboot as part of the firmware update process. You can return to Security > Tools > Master Code > Advanced > System Information to verify your current version after the update.

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The only way to push an update to the panel is to have the panel registered with alarmnet360. We can register the system for you, however we'd need you to sign up for service here:
I purchased this, but the firmware is out of date. I don't need the service right now but obviously need to updated firmware to correct bugs, etc. How does on update the firmware without paying extra, out of the box?
No, we don't offer the firmware for download to a USB but if you sign up for service and we get you activated, we can certainly push the firmware update to your system remotely.
@sterlingdonnelly i don't have service yet. can you share usb files via dropbox etc?

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