Can I Use A 2GIG GC3 Security System w/o Monitoring?

Yes, you can use the 2GIG GC3 system without monitoring. Users can arm the system in both stay and away modes. If a device sends a signal to the panel, the internal sounder will sound, but the signals will not go anywhere to notify anyone. You can also use the GC3 to control Z-Wave devices.

With that being said, there are so many benefits of a monitored 2GIG GC3 security system. First, if a burglar tries entering a home or business, the faulted sensor will send a signal to the panel. If the system is not disarmed or if it is destroyed, the panel will forward an alarm signal to a central station. It will also send alerts to

Once a central station is notified, a highly trainer operator will contact the user and the authorities if needed. Users with an account will receive notifications via email and/or text message on any alarm signal or event. The user can determine whether authorities need to be contacted.

If monitored by a central station, users can program a key fob or a medical alert button for medical emergencies or duress situations. This is very helpful for elderly people. When a central station receives a medical signal, they will dispatch paramedics. Or if a duress signals comes in, they will dispatch police immediately.

When smoke alarms are installed and programmed with the 2GIG GC3 System, the user can receive fire protection. If a fire occurs in a home or business, the panel will send signals, and trained operators will contact the fire department for dispatch. This is a life-safety device and it can be very comforting to users who leave their pets at home.

Users that have an account can also control the 2GIG GC3 remotely. This can be done through a web browser or through the Mobile App on Android and iOS devices.

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