Can I use a Lyric security system w/o monitoring?

Can the Lyric Controller, Honeywell’s newest all-in-one wireless system, be used without any monitoring services?

Yes, the Lyric security system can be used without monitoring, but only as a local noise maker. The Lyric has a built-in 85dB sounder, so without monitoring, only those within hearing range will be alerted if an alarm is triggered, and silent alarms would be completely ineffective.

If you want monitoring, though, the Lyric is built for it, with a WIFI communicator and a Z-Wave controller built-in. The Lyric is capable of remote control via Total Connect 2.0 when activated with a monitoring company. Total Connect is an application available through both the Apple and Android app store, that would allow you to remotely control the Lyric through a computer, smartphone or tablet. You could be at home in bed or at work, and have full control of your system.

If you prefer not to have a monthly monitoring fee, you can also interact and control the system from your phone locally with the “My Home Controller” app. You can find this app in both the Apple store and Android app store. “My Home Controller” will emulate the panel touchscreen, allowing you to freely move around your home while comfortably accessing your system. You will be capable of doing almost everything that can be done at the panel through the app on your smartphone or tablet, as long as your device is connected to the same WIFI network as the Lyric. The “My Home Controller” app only works via WIFI. This app will give you local control over features such as:

Arming the system

Disarming the system

Controlling thermostats

Controlling home automation devices

Viewing video cameras

Viewing smart scenes

Bypassing zones

Note: Using the Lyric Controller without monitoring will not send any alerts remotely, and will not alert anyone off-site of an intrusion or other alarm type.

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