Can I Use If My WIFI is Down?

Yes, you can use if you WIFI is down. This is because your system can still communicate with the Servers using its cellular backup. requires that its systems have a cellular communication path enabled. This keeps your system monitored during internet outages.

If you want to use to control your security system for security or automation purposes, then your system must maintain connectivity with the Servers. This connectivity comes in the form of an IP (WIFI or ethernet) connection and a cellular connection. Except in very rare cases, requires any system connected with its servers to utilize a cellular communicator. knows that internet outages are a relatively common occurrence, and they want to make sure that an alarm system will stay actively monitored at all times.

The great thing about a cellular communicator is that it will allow your system to stay monitored even if the internet goes down. This is possible because the system will be able to communicate with through the cellular communication path. You can use for all the usual functions, including arming and disarming, checking current status, and controlling home automation devices. And since cellular connectivity is very reliable, you will almost never have to worry about the communication path going down.

In order for cellular connectivity to work you need two different things. The first is that you will need a cellular communicator installed and activated with your system. Some systems like the Qolsys IQ Panel 2 Plus come with a cellular communicator built in. Other systems will need to have one added separately. You will also need an alarm monitoring plan that includes cellular service and access to If you receive monitoring service from Alarm Grid, then you will need a Gold or Platinum Level Plan (self or full).

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