Can I Use More Than One Battery Pack in a Honeywell L5000?

No, you cannot use more than one battery pack in a Honeywell L5000. If you try to use multiple battery packs, you might damage the panel or cause a trouble condition. Remember, the system will only switch to its battery backup power in the event that transformer power is unavailable.

Honeywell l5000 lynx touch wireless alarm control panel high resolution close up

The fact that you can only use one battery pack with an L5000 at any given time might be surprising to some. After all, the system has two battery ports. The first is a smaller port designed for use with a LYNX Touch Standard Capacity Battery or a LYNX Touch High Capacity Battery. The larger port is for a LYNX Touch Super High Capacity Battery. Basically, one battery port will be left unconnected based on the battery type you are using.

A common misconception is that it is wise to use a LYNX Touch Super Higher Capacity Battery in the larger port while one of the other battery types is resting in the smaller port. But trying to do this is a very bad idea. First of all, you will have trouble trying to close the panel if you do this. You would have to leave the other battery dangling outside. Another problem is that the excess power can overload the circuit board and cause irreversible damage. There is also the concern that two batteries can drain too much AC power, and the panel might be display an AC loss trouble condition.

If you want the longest lasting backup power for the L5000, you should get the super high capacity battery. This battery connects with the larger port, and it provides up to 24 hours of system power. For users who expect that they might lose power for longer than 24 hours, an external power generator is strongly recommended. That way, you can always keep the system running constantly, even if the electricity goes out for an extended period of time.

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