Can I Use More than One Keypad with an Interlogix Simon XT?

Yes, you can use more than one keypad with an Interlogix Simon XT. The system is compatible with the Interlogix Two-Way Talking Touch Screen Keypad that provides a second point of access for a Simon XT Alarm System. Up to four of these keypads can be used with a single Simon XT Panel.

If a user wants to control their Simon XT Alarm System, they will normally do so using the Simon XT Panel itself. If the Simon XT System is synced with, then a user can also access that service to control the system. The service allows users to arm and disarm their system, check the status of sensors and control Z-Wave devices. To sync the system with, the Simon XT System must have a cellular communicator installed, and the user must have an active account.

The only other way to control a Simon XT System is with an external keypad. We recommend using the Interlogix Two-Way Talking Touch Screen Keypad. This device will interface with any Simon XT, Simon XTi or Simon XTi-5 System. It offers a convenient touchscreen controller for quickly managing the entire alarm system. Many users will install these keypads near alternative entry points for their residence, such as back doors, garage doors and basement doors. This way, they can conveniently arm or disarm their system if they ever enter or exit from one of these areas.

Just like the Simon XT Panel itself, the Interlogix Two-Way Talking Touch Screen includes voice and chime functions for letting the user know about any system events. The device also provides Z-Wave functionality for the system in the form of an integrated Z-Wave controller. Although Z-Wave devices cannot be operated using the Simon XT System itself, they can be controlled using the Interlogix Two-Way Talking Touch Screen. Also, many users prefer using the touchscreen controller over the actual Simon XT System, which does not have a touchscreen..

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