Can I Use The 2Gig GoControl Without

Yes, the 2Gig GoControl alarm and home management system can be used without having an account.

Users have the option to use the alarm system locally. If used locally and a sensor is tripped, the alarm will sound but the signals will not go anywhere and notifications will not be sent to the user.

The second choice is to be monitored with basic service. Basic monitoring service connects to a central monitoring station only. When sensors are tripped, signals will be sent to a central monitoring station. Depending what type signal is received, trained and certified operators will first contact the user and then authorities if needed. If a duress signal is received, the operators will automatically contact authorities immediately without contacting the user.

To connect to a central monitoring station, the 2Gig GoControl alarm panel offers several ways to communicate. Users can connect via a landline, a gsm cell communicator or dual communication. Dual communication uses two options together, a landline with a gsm cell communicator as a backup or a gsm cell communicator and a 2Gig Go!Bridge IP communication module as backup.

The GoControl panel has a built in Z-Wave radio that supports up to 232 Z-Wave devices. Users can control Z-Wave devices directly from the panel without having an account.

Having an account allows users to control the alarm system, home management and video surveillance from any computer or smartphone. Users will receive notifications via email or text message on any alarm signal or event.

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We're not familiar with any other available communicators for the 2Gig panels. I am curious to hear why you won't want to use the communicator though.
What gsm can I use with 2gig that allows me to connect with central station without Or Telguard

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