Can I Use the Lyric Gateway W/O Total Connect?

Yes, the Lyric Gateway can be used without Total Connect 2.0.

Honeywell has released their newest all in one panel, the Lyric Gateway. This system is a self enclosed, fully wireless alarm panel. It ships with a built in Ethernet or WIFI communicator and Z-Wave controller. The Gateway has a port on top of the unit where a user can install a Verizon or AT&T cellular module. It can send all of its communications over Ethernet/WIFI or Cellular. If a user has both communication options configured, the system will work in a Dual Path setup. This will allow the system to switch to a secondary communication path if the primary path fails. The Gateway can be wall mounted or desk mounted with its custom kickstand style desk mount (the desk mount is included).

Total Connect 2.0 is a web based program that can be accessed through an internet connected web browser or via its downloadable app (available for free via Apple’s iOS App Store, or the Android Google Play store). Using Total Connect 2.0, a user can remotely arm/disarm the system, check the most recent events and add/edit/delete users. Home automation devices can be controlled and Smart Scenes programmed and notifications can be configured to be sent to phone numbers and email addresses when alarm events occur. The Lyric Gateway is fully compatible with Total Connect 2.0 but the service isn’t required in order to use the system.

The Lyric Gateway only has numeric, panic, and arming keys on the touch pad - there is no screen to provide feedback like other Honeywell all in one systems. Instead, there is an app available for free download for Apple and Android devices called “MyHome Gateway”. With this app, a user can connect to the Gateway via WIFI, and interact with the system. The GUI layout in the app is nearly identical to that of the Lyric system, as seen below

NOTE: Because the MyHome Gateway app is meant only for use by the master user, not the Installer, there is no touchscreen interface for programming zones into the Lyric Gateway. For this reason, in order to program the panel, it must have an AlarmNet account associated with it, and all zone and other system settings must be configured by the Alarm Dealer via AlarmNet 360.

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