Can I Use the Lyric Thermostat with My Lyric Gateway?

The Lyric Thermostat can interface with the Lyric Gateway through the Total Connect 2.0 service. Total Connect 2.0 is an app that provides remote control to the Lyric Gateway. A user will need access to Total Connect 2.0, and they will need automation services enabled for their account.

The Honeywell Lyric Gateway is fully compatible with Total Connect 2.0, which is required in order to interface with the Lyric Thermostat. A Total Connect 2.0 account can be enabled by any Honeywell dealer including Alarm Grid. While Total Connect allows users to see all that is going on with their security system, including arming and disarming the system itself, it also allows the system to interface with external devices. The Lyric Thermostat is connected to the Gateway over WIFI.

While the Lyric Thermostat is a WIFI device, the Gateway is also capable of communicating with Z-Wave enabled products. These include light fixtures, plug-in modules, and other home automation products. Total Connect allows a user to create a holistic experience by tying together many of these devices to events in the home. For example, when the system is disarmed, the system can be programmed to turn off all the Z-Wave lights in the house as well as increase the temperature on the Lyric Thermostat. All of this requires the company that is opening the Total Connect account to enable the automation add-on. Here are step-by-step instruction explaining how to connect the Lyric Thermostat to Total Connect 2.0.

While the Lyric Round thermostat has a stand-alone app, this app does not connect it to a security system. It will allow only local control of the system itself and is helpful during the installation of the thermostat. Most of the features within the stand-alone app, are also available in the Total Connect implementation, including the GPS feature which will allow a user to have the Lyric thermostat change the temperature based on their location - meaning that the thermostat can turn on the A/C and cool the house down before a user enters the house.

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