Can I use Wired Contacts on a Honeywell L5100?

Zone 1 of both the L5000 and LYNX Touch L5100 is designated as a hardwired zone. This zone requires a 2k ohm end-of-line resistor (EOLR), has 2300 ohms max wire resistance (plus EOLR) and it uses dry contacts only. Setting up the wired zone is simple, if you have had any previous wiring experience, though using it is highly unusual as the L5100's biggest advantage is generally considered to be its ability to handle wireless sensors.

It needs to be noted that while wired contacts can be used with the L5100, a number of wired products cannot be used, such as wired sirens. Adding a wired siren to the L5100 is possible, however, it requires the use of a relay and a power source. Wiring a siren to the relay is relatively simple, though it is a bit more involved than simply adding wireless sensors to the system.

Also, 4-wire devices like glass break sensors and motion detectors should not be used with the wired zone as they will not have the power needed to operate.

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