Can I use Z-Wave motions with Lyric?

No, Z-Wave motions are not compatible with the Lyric security system.

The Honeywell Lyric Security System is unable to use contact sensors or life safety devices that communicate via Z-Wave. The reason for this is that even though the Z-Wave protocol is a very robust and widely used form of communication, due to the need for uninterrupted, accurate, supervised signals from sensors or life safety devices, Honeywell has required that only 5800 wireless devices or SIX Series wireless devices be used for these purposes. All burglary and life safety devices Honeywell has approved for use with the Lyric are UL listed. Z-Wave devices do not have UL listing due to the communication not being accurate enough for burglary or life safety applications.

The Lyric does ship with a built in Z-Wave module. The Z-Wave radio is ready to be used as soon as the system is powered and setup. Even though the Lyric is not able to use life safety or sensor Z-Wave devices, there are many Z-Wave devices that the Lyric is compatible with. There are currently compatible Z-Wave lights, locks and thermostats available for use. These devices can be enrolled and programmed to work individually or with other devices. Z-Wave devices can be activated from a triggered event, a scheduled timer or a combination of both. With Total Connect 2.0 these devices can be controlled and programmed remotely. Using Z-wave devices in a combination based on Scenes and Rules setup within programming, can give an end user a great degree of fine tuning when creating their own home automation system. An example of this would be a user disarming their system from their phone upon arriving home. The system can be programmed to unlock the front door, turn on the lights in and around the front of the house and turn the thermostat up or down to the desired level. In conjunction with Honeywell’s wireless UL listed security devices, with Lyric, users get a powerful home security system with the added ability to integrate home automation Z-Wave devices.

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