Can I wire multiple doors to a 5816WMWH?

The Honeywell 5816 can protect multiple doors and windows. There is an internal reed switch that can be used wirelessly with the included magnet to protect a single door or window. This zone should be programmed to loop 2. Then there is a pair of screw terminals inside the tamper cover where you can land wired contact(s). This zone must be programmed to loop 1.

Although the wired contact terminals will report as a single zone, you can wire as many normally closed (Form A) contacts (i.e. Honeywell 945T) in series as you wish. These can be wired in series in the field or home run from each contact and wired in series locally at the 5816. If the cabling has already been pulled from sensor to sensor you will only need a wire from the first and last sensor. This method is less flexible but will work just fine.

Ideally, you should home run all the wired contacts back to a centralized location where you can group them in series and land the final connections on the 5816. If they are home run, simply match the high end to the low end of each contact to create a series circuit. This way if any single wired contact in the loop is opened the zone will report a fault. If there are

Wiring contacts to the 5816 can be particularly useful in situations where routing a cable back to the alarm panel is timely and difficult. The only thing you really lose by wiring to a 5816 instead of landing it directly on the panel is having to change a battery once every 5 to 7 years. What do you gain? The ability to protect several windows, doors, or just about anything that opens with a single sensor. The beauty of the 5816 is that it can be moved around easily to make wiring less of a hassle. There is included foam adhesive tape and screws for mounting the sensor.

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You can use the 5816WMWH as a regular magnetic contact, just like a wired sensor. It communicates with the system over wireless, whereas the wired sensor communicates back over wire. It can be used in any sensor application you wish.
My post may not be the appropriate context here,,, so i think you are saying (per the original post) that a wireless senor can act alone and be the source for wired sensors to interface with the ecp. But, can the 5816wmwh be used in place of a wired sensor if i haven't had time to go purchase a wired one yet?
The 5816WMWH can interface with a wired sensor and allow the wired sensor to interface with the alarm system over wireless. The 5816WMWH will still need it's battery installed. Other than connecting the two wires, the wired sensor will need to be programmed in the system with the appropriate loop and serial number.
Can the 5816wmwh be used as a wired sensor, if so is there more set up other than connection 2 wires? Is the battery still needed if used this way?

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