Can the 2Gig GoControl use Z-Wave Motion Detectors?

Z-Wave motion detectors will not work with the 2GIG Go!Control wireless security system. Although most Z-Wave devices can be enrolled into the control panel, the built-in Zwave controller is designed to control Z-Wave lights, locks and thermostats; not security sensors. Security zones like motion detectors only support NC (normally closed) wired contacts and Honeywell and/or 2GIG RF sensors which both happen to operate on 345MHz.

2GIG offers the 2GIG-PIR1-345 wireless motion detector which offers two pet immunity settings: 33 or 55 lbs. It is battery powered with a single 3-Volt Lithium battery. Do not use alkaline batteries. This particular unit has a 30 by 50 foot detection range with a 95 degree field of view. Just like most motion detectors, the device should be corner mounted between 6 and 7.5 feet from the ground. If you are looking for a motion detector with specialized features we recommend checking out Honeywell's line of compatible wireless motion detectors.

The Honeywell 5800PIR-RES is the most popular and affordable of the Honeywell line. It is a versatile device with it's 80 pound pet immunity and up to 7 year battery life. There is a transmission lockout technology that puts the motion to sleep for 3 minutes after it detects motion when the system is disarmed. It will continue to sleep when tripped in a disarmed state. This allows the motion to waste minimal battery life without sacrificing sensitivity when it counts. The Honeywell line has many options to choose from so please read the descriptions carefully.

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