Can the Honeywell L5100 support Z-Wave receptacles?

The short answer is the Honeywell LYNX Touch L5100 can support Z-Wave receptacles. However, controlling Z-Wave receptacles will require you to upgrade your Honeywell LYNX Touch L5100 control panel with a Honeywell L5100 Z-Wave controller module.

Once you've install a Z-Wave controller, your LYNX Touch L5100 can actually support a wide variety of Z-Wave modules that include more than just Z-Wave receptacles.

You can program your L5100 to have your alarm system control things such as Z-Wave lights and even programmable thermostats once your L5100 Z-Wave is properly installed.

When hooked up with one of our alarm monitoring plans that include remote home automation, you can even control your Z-Wave devices from your smart phone and computer through Honeywell's advanced Total Connect service.

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