Can you turn off the siren on a Honeywell L5200?

The only way to truly disable the siren on your Honeywell L5200 LYNX Touch and prevent it from producing any noise is to disconnect the siren cable connector from the circuit board. After the siren cable has been disconnected the system will be unable to produce any sound whatsoever. This includes chimes for faults, countdowns for entry/exit delay periods and full on alarms.

When the system is disarmed you will want to open the L5200 panel by popping the tabs and swinging the unit open. Once open you can remove battery and AC power. Then locate the 3 wire connection going from the speaker to the green circuit circuit board. There is a small white clip that connects the black, red and yellow wires to the board. Gently remove this clip from the board.This is the best way to fully silence the L5200 LYNX Touch alarm panel.

Being that this unit is both a keypad and the brains of the alarm system many users decide to hide and protect this unit from being damaged by an intruder or "smash and grab." If you do locate the L5200 in a remote location disabling the siren is a great way to prevent an intruder from finding the panel and destroying it. If you do plan on securing the L5200 remotely you can utilize other forms of control. You can use a Honeywell 5834-4 wireless security key fob and/or a Honeywell 5828 wireless keypad to arm/disarm the system.

There is also a built in technology called APL (Advanced Protection Logic) that protects against "smash and grab." This technology requires the use of central station monitoring which is available on our Plus+ and Basic no contract monitoring plans. Let's say an intruder does the find the panel and destroy it. APL sends a ping to the central station when an entry door is faulted. The ping is held by the central station until the delay period expires. If they do not receive an alarm or disarm signal then the assumption is that the panel has been compromised in some way. At this point, they go through the normal process to call and verify the alarm and dispatch the local authorities if necessary.

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