Do Carbon Monoxide Detectors Detect Natural Gas Leaks?

No, carbon monoxide detectors will not detect natural gas leaks. A carbon monoxide detector will only detect carbon monoxide unless otherwise stated. However, natural gas companies often put an additive in the natural gas to give it a distinct odor. This makes it easy to detect a gas leak.

Carbon monoxide detectors are some of the most important life safety devices that you can have in your home. Carbon monoxide (CO) is an odorless and tasteless gas that is lethal when breathed in. The most common cause of a carbon monoxide outbreak is an older appliance in the home that is not burning fuel properly. If a CO outbreak occurs, a carbon monoxide detector can potentially save the lives of everyone in the building. If the customer has central station monitoring, then by law, the central station must dispatch an emergency medical team if a CO detector has been activated.

Most carbon monoxide detectors are strictly for detecting carbon monoxide. However, some CO detectors, such as the 5800COMBO, will also detect smoke and high temperatures. This will have the device double as both a fire-safety sensor and carbon monoxide sensor. At this time, Alarm Grid does not offer any CO detectors that double as natural gas detectors.

In its normal state, natural gas is also a tasteless and odorless gas. While a natural gas leak is also dangerous, it is not as life-threatening as a carbon monoxide leak. The danger with a natural gas leak is that the gas is flammable. A fire can easily be caused if a natural gas leak were to occur. To make a natural gas leak easier to detect, natural gas companies will typically put an additive in their gas. This additive gives the natural gas a distinct odor, which many people describe as "rotten eggs". This odor helps people detect a natural gas leak so that the issue can be fixed as quickly as possible.

If you believe that there is a natural gas leak in your home, you should contact your natural gas company immediately. Leaving the issue unfixed could potentially result in a serious fire. During this time, do not use any electrical devices, flip any switches or light any candles. Doing so could cause a fire.

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Shame their are NO smart gas detectors that connect to the Kiddie alarms through the house, or, connect via WIFI to alert you on your phone if there is a gas leak.

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