Do I Need to Use the SkyBell App if I have Total Connect or

No, you do not need to use the SkyBell App if you have Total Connect or Virtually every function that can be done using the SkyBell App can also be accomplished through either of these services. This means that the SkyBell App can be fully deleted if the user doesn't want it.

That said, most people who buy a SkyBell DBCAM do ultimately choose to keep the SkyBell App. The SkyBell App is helpful for installing the device, and it offers a convenient way for managing and controlling the SkyBell DBCAM. But still, the Total Connect 2.0 Mobile App and the Mobile App can do the same things. All of these apps will send a user an alert when the doorbell is activated, and all allow users to obtain a live feed of the camera. So if a user really does not want to keep the SkyBell App, they can delete it without worry.

One important consideration is that firmware updates for the SkyBell DBCAM are automatic and not conducted through the SkyBell App. This means that a user can still receive important updates for the device even if they decide to remove the SkyBell App from their smart device. In other words, a user can receive the complete functionality of a SkyBell DBCAM without using the SkyBell App.

Another thought for end users is that the SkyBell DBCAM device that is sold for use with uses a different firmware version than the SkyBell DBCAM device designed for use with Total Connect 2.0. The Total Connect 2.0 version is also the one that is sold for use with the native SkyBell App. But the SkyBell should never be used with the SkyBell App. The round ADC SkyBell can technically be paired with the SkyBell App, but if you update the round ADC SkyBell, then it will forever lose its ability to be used with But the slimline rectangular SkyBell lacks the ability to pair with the SkyBell App in the first place. In other words, the Slimline ADC SkyBell does not have the capacity to be used with the SkyBell App, and it can only be used with

After the doorbell has been pressed, all three apps can send the user an immediate notification to connect with the device. As long as push notifications are enabled, the alert will be sent from the app. The user can then connect with the person at the door both through video and two-way voice. All three apps will acknowledge that the user is communicating through a SkyBell DBCAM device rather than just a typical security camera.

Even if the device has not been pressed, a user can activate any of these mobile apps to view the live feed of their DBCAM at any time. The user will even get an alert to activate the camera through one of these apps whenever the motion sensor on the DBCAM is triggered. Any app that is set to provide push notifications will alert the user's mobile device. This quick access function is great for catching any suspicious activities that occur around the house. Many users have even reported using the SkyBell camera to catch instances of package theft, property damage, vandalism and more.

Once connected, any of the three apps will enable the user to use both the two-way voice feature. This allows the user to have a full conversation and interact with whoever is at their door, right from their smartphone. The user can communicate in real time, whether they are in their kitchen, at their office or even across the world. This feature is an excellent way to tell your friends that you are on your way home, or for telling a package thief to put down your belongings and get off your property. It truly is one of the most exciting features that the SkyBell DBCAM has to offer.

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