Does a Lyric System have a Graphic Touchscreen Keypad?

There is no dedicated graphic touchscreen for the Lyric but there is a free app for Android or iOS devices that emulates the Lyric graphic user interface. With this app a user can turn any compatible smart device into a graphic touch screen.

The Lyric Security System is the newest all-in-one wireless security system released by Honeywell. It is compatible with the majority of the 5800 wireless device family. Lyric also supports the new wireless device family called SIX Sensors. All of the devices in the 5800 family are compatible with Lyric except for those devices that use a House ID, and in the future the Lyric will be able to support devices with House IDs.

The Lyric is only compatible with the new LKP500 SIX Series Wireless Keypads. These keypads are bi-directional, wireless, alphanumeric keypads with their own transformer and backup battery. The keypads can be wall mounted or desk mounted, and are able to voice annunciate the system status. Even though the LKP500 is a great keypad, it’s still not the touchscreen solution some users may be looking for.

The Lyric My Home Controller app can be downloaded on Android or iOS devices. The app is free and has the same user interface as the Lyric itself.

A user can arm and disarm the system, use automation devices, program smart scenes and look through Honeywell IPCAMs on the system.

After loading up the program, there will be easy to read slides with step by step instructions on how to connect the smart device with the Lyric.

To do this follow these steps -

On the home screen press Security >Tools > Enter the Master Code (Default 1234) > Keypads

If the smart device is connected to the same WIFI network as the Lyric, the panel should automatically see the device and map it in.

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