Does an Interlogix Simon XT Chime When Doors are Opened?

An Interlogix Simon XT will chime when doors are opened if the chime function is enabled on the system. The chime function can be enabled or disabled from the system's main menu at any time. Once enabled, the panel will produce a chime sound upon the activation of a programmed sensor.

A user can access the chime option from the main menu of the system. However, this option will only be made available if there is at least one chime sensor programmed with the system. If there are no chime sensors set up with the system, then the chime option will not be displayed. To enable a zone for chime, choose a type with the appropriate group characteristics for that zone. For a full list of Group Numbers and their characteristics, see pages 8 - 10 of the Interlogix Simon XT Installation Manual.

If you want the Interlogix Simon XT to chime when doors are opened, then you must enable the chime function from the main menu. Complete the following steps to turn on the chime for an Interlogix Simon XT System:

1. Find the chime option. From the main screen of the Simon XT, use the up and down arrows to scroll between different menu options. Locate the "Chime" option, and then press the "OK" button.

2. Activate the chime. After pressing the "OK" button, the current selection should begin to flash. This indicates that the selection can be changed. Use the up or down arrow to toggle between "On" and "Off". To activate the chime, choose "On", and then press the "OK" button. The selection will stop flashing, indicating that the selection has been made.

3. Test the chime. Press the "Status" key to return to the main menu. You can then test the chime by activating any chime sensor on the system. You will know that the chime function is working because the system will chime, and the faulted sensor will be displayed on the screen.

If the system fails to produce a chime, there are a few possible causes. The system volume might be too low to hear the chime, and you may need to adjust it. Another possibility is that the programmed sensor is not set up to produce a system chime. If that is the case, check the programming for the sensor, or try a different sensor on the system.

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