Does The 2GIG GC3 Chime When A Door's Opened?

The2GIG GC3 does have the ability to chime when a door or window is open.

Chime is set at default from the factory. The last programming step when programming a hardwired or wireless door or window sensor is to enable Chime.

Users have the option to keep it disabled or select Voice Only, 3 different Ding Dong sounds with or without Voice, and 2 different Chime sounds with or without Voice.

To enable Chime on an already programmed zone press the 2GIG logo found in the top right hand corner > enter the four digit installer code (2 GIG’s default installer code is 1561) > System Configuration > Wireless Zones or Hardwire Zones > select the zone to enable Chime by swiping up and down to move through the zone list> Edit > Choose A Chime > Return to System Configuration > press the left facing arrow > press Save.

The 2GIG GC3 control panel comes equipped with a 85dB Piezo internal speaker that will sound Chimes and Voice descriptions, if enabled, when a protected door or window is opened and the system is in the disarmed mode.

Users can adjust the chime volume on the 2GIG GC3 by pressing the System Settings icon found on the bottom right of the touchscreen. Enter the four digit master user code (2 GIG's default master user code is 1111) > Sounds > hold the button on the Chime slide bar and move to the left to lower the volume or to the right to increase the volume.

The 2GIG GC3 has a 7 inch touchscreen and built in Z-Wave module, and supports up to 100 wireless zones and 2 hardwired zones, plus 32 key fob zones.

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