Does The Honeywell 6280 Keypad Have Z-Wave Built In?

No, the Honeywell 6280 does not have built in z-wave.

The Honeywell 6280 keypad has a 7 inch widescreen color graphic voice touchscreen and features a high-resolution display that can double as a digital picture frame. The 6280 keypad is compatible with Honeywell Vista control panel series.

The 6280 keypad is available in silver, black and white, provides language options and voice annunciation of alarm conditions.

The touchscreen display has easy to read icons and menu driven prompts and can be used as a digital picture frame, slideshow and can view custom videos through a standard SD card.

Three languages can be displayed, English, Spanish (Latin American) and French Canadian. Voice annunciation of type and location of alarm is in English only.

The 6280 has a message center that lets users record and playback messages, this feature is in English only. Entry/Exit countdown displayed.

Using the alpha console mode of the Honeywell 6280 touchscreen keypad to bring up an emulated version of a standard alphanumeric keypad, Honeywell does not recommend using the 6280 as your primary security system programming keypad. It takes much longer than using a Honeywell alphanumeric keypad for system programming. The master code can add or delete user codes directly from the 6280 keypad and users can view zone lists with status and bypass zones.

Each 6280 touchscreen keypad uses up to 270mA of auxiliary power from a Vista series alarm control panel. So depending on how many devices are connected to the control panel's auxiliary power output, a separate power supply might be needed to power a 6280 keypad.

If looking for a keypad with built in z-wave, check out Honeywell's Tuxedo Touch WiFi. The Tuxedo Touch WiFi is also a 7 inch color talking touchscreen that is a z-wave controller which can be used as a stand alone z-wave controller and as a 2nd keypad to a Vista series control panel.

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