Does a Honeywell L5200 require an internet connection?

The Honeywell L5200 does not require an internet connection to function properly. While an internet connection is certainly the most popular communication pathway for this systems, the L5200 also supports monitoring over cellular network. This communication pathway requires a wireless cellular communicator like the GSMVLP5-4G. This is the most secure communication pathway available, though it should be noted that the cellular communication path does cost more than any path utilizing just IP.

The L5200 can also be monitored over phone line by connecting phone cord to the proper port in the back of the unit. This does not require the addition of any extra communication modules, however, it also does not allow the user to take advantage of Total Connect's amazing interactive features.

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Yes, you could wire a phone line to the panel for a backup to the cellular although we recommend adding the L5100-WIFI module and doing WIFI primary and cellular backup instead as that will be more reliable and won't cost you any extra per month.
my primary line is the cellular, but can I use a landline as a secondary if cellular fails?

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