Does the Honeywell VISTA 20P Send Emails and Texts?

Customizable text, email and push notifications require an active Total Connect 2.0 account. The VISTA-20P must be revision 9.12 or higher with a supported AlarmNet communicator. Notifications are configured on the Total Connect 2.0 website by the end user. The are customizable.

The Honeywell VISTA 20P is a wired security system. The system board will need to be upgraded with an AlarmNet360 communicator as there is only an onboard POTS connection. The system can communicate over Ethernet, Cellular or a combination of both (dual path) by adding an external communicator. The 7847i lets the panel connect to an Ethernet network. The GSMV4G offers a cellular only connection. The iGSMV4G is the most popular option since it leaves the alarm owner flexible to do either internet only, cell only or dual path with internet as primary and cellular backup.

The system will need an active Ethernet and/or Cellular connection to send notifications. The system will need to be monitored by an alarm company who has access to AlarmNet360. This is Honeywells backend server that is used to monitor their alarm systems. Through AlarmNet360, Total Connect 2.0 can be setup and configured for an account. The VISTA 20P will need to have a revision 9.12 PROM chip or higher. There is a black chip near the center of a VISTA system board that will have a sticker on it. The revision number will be listed on this sticker. If the system is below revision 9.12 the PROM chip can easily be upgraded.

If you already have a compatible communicator you can swap in a standalone PROM chip upgrade. Otherwise there are kits that include a communicator with an upgrade chip bundled into it. Generally the kit is the best bet due to the way they chips are discounted. The most popular TC2 upgrade kit is the iGSMV4G-TC2 kit.

In the Total Connect 2.0 app, you can setup text and email notifications for any user on the system. Any number of phone numbers and email addresses can be added for notifications to go to. This is just one feature of the app. Using Total Connect 2.0 you can remotely arm and disarm the system. Automation devices can be activated and programmed to be activated by triggered or scheduled events. Users can be edited, created and deleted. If you have multiple alarm systems, they can all be monitored under one Total Connect 2.0 account. Each location will be displayed and can be easily jumped to. Honeywell recently introduced push notifications from the app on your mobile devices as well.

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